(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Team Groom:


Wedding Security:IMG_2449

IMG_2452And of course, Team Bride:


IMG_2423Look for an adorable video of Team Bride and Team Groom battling it out later today on our Facebook page.  (Haven’t “liked” us yet?  Search Temporary Home, Permanent Love)

Have any of you included (or plan to include) your fur children in your Big Day?

7 thoughts on “(almost) Wordless Wednesday

  1. They are absolutely adorable and will be a great addition to your very special day!!! We didn’t have any dogs when we got married 28 years ago! One of the girls that works at Mojo’s had all their pups at the wedding and I got to see a few of those photos and they were amazing.

  2. We missed out on having our girl at our elopement but I’m looking into having anniversary pictures taken of us all together. Your staff /posse looks great.


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