Ever Just Think…

….”Ahhhhhh, it’s Friday!”

FUR 048-(ZF-1860-91697-1-010)

Yea, that’s kind of how we feel today.  Does anyone have special plans this weekend?  Special plans that include your fur babies?  We’d love to hear about them!

Oh!  And isn’t this a pretty picture?  I owe it to my friend, Robin Adams, for this picture and the new ones on my About Me and Permanent Dogs pages too.  She is so awesome!  If you are in FL and looking for a pet photographer, she’s your girl!

PrintHappy Friday Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Ever Just Think…

  1. Gorgeous picture:) Your friend is very talented. This weekend my canine guests and Alex will be spending time at home with 2 walks a day. Alex is on bed rest and Dozer is a senior dog and his pet parents asked me to give him short walks:) It looks like a really nice weekend:)


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