Maggie’s Musings: Camp!

Hey again everybodies!  Remember before whens I told you foster mom said I could tell you more about camp?  Well, we has the time today!  So it all started a long, long time ago.  Well, really not that long actually.  Foster says abouts a month is all.  Anyways, after Tag and I gots in our little scuffle, foster mom said, “We are making some changes!”  and that is whens she started taking me to this Most Wonderful Place.


A little nervous the first couple of times.

This Most Wonderful Place is called Pet Paradise and it has these peoples that work there that are just the bestest people around.  Foster mom calls them all “bully lovers” but I don’t know who she is calling a “bully” because they is all so nice.  At first, I was a little scared when we would get there and I would tucks my tail waaaay under me and kind of hide behind foster mom.  I wasn’t too sure about the people or the big building but you know what?  Really fast I learned how super-awesome-best-ever-in-the-world they are.  They will take me outside for special alone playtime in addition to the play groups with other doggies.  Now whens we get there I run right up to everyone (including the boys!) and say , “Hi!  Did you miss me?!” because really, who wouldn’t miss me?

The first day that we went, foster mom had a talk with the peoples and told them a little abouts me.  She said that I really likes to play with other dogs but I am very serious abouts My Personal Space, too.  Hey!  Can you blame me?  She also told them that I sometimes has a hard time playing gently with the Really Little Dogs.  They told her not to worry though!  They would put me in play groups with Big Dogs that are mellow and would not get in my space.  I has to say, they really must have put their thinking caps on because I always has fun and there has not been a single problem.  In fact, after we had our sleep over, they told foster mom I was much better behaved with the other dogs than Buddy or Tag were!  (I thoughts foster mom was going to die of embarrassment when they told her…hehehehe!)


Foster mom says she is amazed at the difference she has seen in me.  And do you know what?  I has to agree with that crazy lady this time.  I just feels better about things, ya know?  On the days that I get to go, I bounce all around because I am just so excited to get to go sees my friends.  Foster mom says it is because the peoples there are so knowledgeable and everything is structured.  She says because they are all so dedicated and love their jobs so much, they enjoy taking the time to work with shy dogs like me, or dogs with any other sort of issues, plus they even loves the boring dogs with no issues.  In fact, I has heard her telling a lot of friends lately that they should takes their dog there too, even the boring ones without issues!    Well, I guess that is abouts it.  Can you tell how much I loves it there?  Foster mom says there are two last things that I has to tell you though:

1) She is not getting paid or anythings to write this about Pet Paradise–we just really loves them that much!  She says if they wanted to gives her a coupon or something she would certainly appreciate it though 🙂

2) Her friend Stephanie, who is the author of And Foster Makes Five, is doing a fundraiser like we did!  Foster mom says theirs is way more interesting though and she thinks it will be really, really popular.  So please everybodies, go see whats they are doing here!  Until next time friends, laters!


A very happy Moo after a recent day at camp.

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