Maggie’s Musings: Numbers

Oh haiii there everybodies!  Have you, my most loyal fans, missed me?  Foster mom has been so stingy and has not lets me talk to you alls in what I am pretty sure must be at least one million and five years.  At least.


We are getting ready to leave this morning for camp, which foster mom says I cans tells you all more about later when we has a little more time, but I wanted to makes sure you all knew about some very important numbers.  The first one is 350.  That is the number of dollars that I hear the “average” dog costs the rescue that saved me.  Foster mom says really, because my rescue is so special, that most of the dogs they take actually cost more than that because they has some sort of sickies or another which costs them lots of those dollar thingies.

The next number is 125.  That is the number of dollars that my rescue charges for someone to adopt a dog from them.  This includes a spay (what I has!) or neuter, all of their shots, and a microchip so theys can never be lost.  Foster mom tells me these things cost a lots more then $125.  She also tells me that if we use something called math, we will learn that this means the rescues charges abouts $225 less per dog than what they spend, and that is if it is an average one without any sickies!  This is part of why donations is so very important to my rescue.


My next number to share is 200.  Foster mom says that really, that number should be higher, but that is the number of dogs lasted time they checked that the rescue has saved in less than two years!  Some other numbers include $30 which is the average cost per month for heartworm preventative per dog.  There is also $30 per month, per dog for food.  And of course, there is more monies for the treats and toys and crates, and things.

I asked foster mom to lets me tell you about some of these numbers because you see, if it was not for these numbers, I would not be here.  These numbers, spented by my rescue, are the reason I gets to lives in a foster home with my foster mom and dad instead of a shelter somewhere…or worse.


And there is one last number that is the most important number of all: one.  There is only one of you, and you can makes a difference!  You can adopt a dog instead of buying it.  You can foster a dog (like me!), you can volunteer to drive a dog on transport, you can volunteer to walk dogs that are not lucky enough to be in a foster home and has to live in a boarding facility.  You can hit the share button (foster mom tells me a lot of dogs has been saved this way), you can hang fliers around your office and town, you can tell your friends about rescue dogs.  And you can not turn and look the other way when you see something bad happening.  You can be like the good person that saw me running down the street with a rope hanging behind me and, instead of saying, “That dog isn’t my problem, someone else will deal with it” YOU can be our voice.  Please be a voice for the dogs that is not as lucky as I am.

Ok, we must leaves for camp now and I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  Foster mom says to lets you all know that she wills start answering your questions very soon!  Until next time friends.


Today is the last day to leave your dog-related legal issue in the comments.  For each comment, I will donate 1 lb. of food to Last Hope Rescue.  Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Maggie’s Musings: Numbers

  1. The last place I lived didn’t allow pets- AT ALL. I tried to go the route of looking into getting a service dog, and even that wasn’t an option. It was a complex of individually owned condo units, and from what I understand, the owners had to sign something that said they wouldn’t have pets on the property when they bought into it… I suppose that was the loophole? My question is; How is this legal???? Luckily my landlord let me out of my lease!

  2. What a great post! Most people don’t appreciate the great work fosters and rescues do. Maggie looks like such a happy girl!

  3. I love what you just said, and will tell you that one of my legal issues is this: When people decide that they should rescue dogs and then rehome them shouldn’t they have to follow some rules regarding the number of dogs that they can have and the care that the dogs recieve? There are so many folks who may begin this endeavor thinking that it is the right thing to do, and then they just get overwhelmed by the whole process and the dogs suffer. Then the real rescues have to rescue the rescued!!!!!

  4. Legal question: Who is held liable if your foster dog hurts another animal or human being ? Is it the foster family or the adoption agency ?

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  6. Another great post – if you can’t tell… I’m making my way through your site & blog posts ;). It’s always great to bring up the *true* cost of a foster dog, because the adoption fees are really very small compared to the costs incurred by each dog – and then if they are sick on top of it…:/ SHARING

    • Ooof. Sometimes I look back at old posts and just cringe lol. But yes, the cost is so much higher than what people think and it always floors me when people act offended that we would dare to charge an adoption fee.


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