…in my pack, wishes everybunny in yours, “A Very Happy Easter!”




Easter Dogs

IMG_1981Have a great weekend and we will see you all again on Monday!  And don’t forget…

For every legal question/suggestion left in the comments now through Thursday, I will donate 1 lb. of food to Last Hope Rescue!

17 thoughts on “EveryBunny…

    • Another great question! I actually read a short article about this and it caught by attention so I am excited for an excuse to research it more. Thanks and I shall have a post soon all about this!

  1. I’m currently doing research on parking enforcement for the state of FL, and it was brought to my attention that as people are leaving pets unattended in a parked vehicle, there are little definitive laws, crimes, and punishments covering this topic like the laws regarding children left unattended in parked vehicles. It is essentially enforced via local ordinances/municipalities. Why is this, and is there anything in the works to change this?

  2. Those pics are priceless. They brought several smiles to my face and, believe you me, I needed a smile today. THANKS!!!

  3. Such sweet faces! What a great reminder of the joys of rescuing multiple dogs and making your own canine family. Happy Easter!


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