Happy Friday

A few dogs, all rescued by Last Hope Rescue (the beneficiary of the little fundraiser I am attempting), all wanted to wish you a “Happy Friday!” with their big smiling faces!




IMG_9536IMG_1891These are just a few of the many, many smiling faces Last Hope is responsible for saving.  Please help me, help them!

Remember, for every “legal” suggestion I receive in the the comments now through next Thursday, I will donate 1lb. of dog food to Last Hope Rescue!

7 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. In my perfect world there would be a law that you could only have 2 dogs per household and everyone in the house would need to be certified in dog training/raising/managing. I really like Rich’s idea of the insurance also, so that would also be tied in somehow! So, Rich, this is up to you!!!

    • Why only two dogs per household? I’m not only speaking about myself but also for the many fantastic multiple-dog owners that I know. Yes, there are bad dog owners but placing too many restrictions is going to result in even more dogs in shelters. For most of us the goal is to get the dogs out of the shelters and into homes.


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