FUNdraising For Food!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I am on a bit of a mission to re-vamp the blog.  Since my current foster, Maggie, has been with me close to a year now, I feel that I have kind of ran out of interesting foster related stories to tell.  This is not to say I don’t still want to promote fostering, because believe me, I do!  It’s just to say that in the interest of continuing to do as much good as possible with this space, I think I need to change it up a bit.  And since I have an (almost) attorney at my disposal wanting to help, I figured why not take full advantage and dive into some legal issues while continuing to promote the “bully” breeds I love and of course, fostering?


Nala, available for adoption through Last Hope Rescue.

I was inspired to start blogging by Love & A Six-Foot Leash and frequently stalk enjoy their blog.  They do this adorable thing where they take questions from fellow bloggers and their dogs “respond”.  Recently another blog that I love, Mr. and Mrs. & Nola Kisses, sent in a really great question: How do you get famous (i.e. more followers)?  Being such a popular blog, this was a great question for them to answer.


Maggie, also available for adoption through Last Hope Rescue.

I mentally checked off their suggestions: high quality photos (ok, no more iPhone pictures, duly noted!), post regularly (workin’ on it!), write from the heart (oh, I’ve got that one covered–see here for a prime example of writing a tough post), network (noted!), think big (I’ve already written some pretty controversial posts but this is the direction I’m really hoping to head), and finally, host fundraisers, contests, and giveaways…which leads me to today’s post!

It’s time to FUNdraise up in here!


Maggie, Nala, and (unadoptable) Tag basking in the sun.

As you may or may not know, I foster through Last Hope Rescue, which is an awesome local rescue that pulls dogs from high-kill shelters like Wakulla that I have frequently talked about, as well as many others.  If I’m going to do a fundraiser, it is without a doubt, going to benefit them!


Nala’s cherry eye was fixed a couple of days after these photos were taken. Thank you Last Hope!

So here’s the deal: We are doing our own version of “Kibbles for Comments”!  You may have seen this idea around town the blogging world, and I love it, but I can’t just do the same thing as everyone else.  Oh no!  I am going to make you work for it too.  Since I have the brilliant mind of Rich at my disposal eager to help, I want YOU to comment with any legal type suggestions (dog related of course!) for future posts. Together we will research and do future posts dedicated to the issues you raise!  Think of things like, “There is a proposed bill in _____ city and I don’t understand it, can you explain it?”  Feel free to get as creative and in-depth as you want.  We welcome the challenge!  And don’t worry, there will still be plenty of silly posts in the mix too.

For every “legal” suggestion we receive in a comment for the next week, we will donate 1lb. of dog food to Last Hope Rescue!  Now go tell your friends, please!


Foster mom tells me there are lots of dogs in need of food. Please help her help them!

27 thoughts on “FUNdraising For Food!

    • You most certainly did play a part! I’m very excited to see what your question is. And best of luck getting more famous, though it shouldn’t be hard 🙂

  1. Hey, I just found your blog through Mr & Mrs and Nola Kisses AND I have a legal question for you! I volunteer at a local shelter and the word liability is often thrown around when a dog bite occurs, can you explain the liability issues for a shelter if they were to re-home a dog that has a bite history. Thanks! (and good luck with your kibble for comments fundraiser).

    • Ohhh! What an excellent question! Where do you live? I want to make sure we are able to answer you as accurately as possible, and different cities and states have different interpretations of laws, so knowing where you live would be great to know!

      • I live in Canada (Halifax, Nova Scotia). So I am glad to hear that Rich is willing to do some research!

  2. When taking Ruby Joon on walks around the neighborhood, I have found, quite often unfortunately, that some people will allow their dogs off leash in their yards when they are out there with them. Most of the time it is no problem and the dog stays in the yard and we happily walk on by. But sometimes, usually with the small dogs, they will see Ruby and run at her barking like crazy. Luckily, Ruby is great with dogs and greets them nicely even if they are acting like a fool. When this happens, is it appropriate to kindly remind these neighbors about leash laws? And if their dog were to cause Ruby to get scared and bite at them, would that be their fault for the dog being off leash or mine because it was my dog that snapped?

    • Another great question! I will make sure to get this answered asap since it’s finally starting to warm up here and I know you will want to take more and more walks!

      • I’m from Tallahassee and I have the same issue in our neighborhood. My dog is leash walked with me a couple times a day. There are TONS of dogs in our neighborhood, most are bigger and look like they are about to scale their fences! Once during a night walk a larger dog came out of the shadows of a yard several houses ahead of us and my dog and I did a s…l…o…w moonwalk back the way we came! I’m very interested in in the situation of an unmonitored, off leash dog approaching us in a public space like a roadway.

    • If you have a question, ask it anyways! Rich is pretty darn awesome in the research department so I am confident that even all the way over there, he could find the answer for you! Besides, I welcome a reason to do some research on South Africa!

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  4. I have sort of resigned myself to the fact that ‘fame’ seems to be elusive for us haha But this is a great idea! I know you’ve heard this from me before, but I was actually thinking of trying to come up with something similar… obviously not with the legal twist, but a way to gain readership while donating to a local shelter. Anyway, here is my question. I hope it is not too complicated, but it’s something I’ve always wondered: Let’s say you adopt or rescue or otherwise acquire a dog. This pup has either been in the shelter, or you found it on the road with no sign of collar/chip/etc. You take this pooch home and make it your own. What are the rights for either the previous owner, or the new owner? Is there a certain time period where ownership automatically changes, or can the old owner come across their dog at any time and reclaim the animal? I would assume this varies by state, and to be honest, I have no idea how you might find this information… but I am curious 🙂

    • If your interested in this topic you should check out Mine ( It is a documentary following pet owners who lost their pets during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and are trying to be reunited with their pets who have since been adopted by other families. I believe that it is available on NetFlix.

    • Yes, I do believe the “fame” is elusive…but I figure it’s worth chasing if it means I happen to reach someone and change their mind that might otherwise not have heard the message. And that is a GREAT question! I will get Rich started right away on researching it, though I think I already have an idea what the answer is 🙂

  5. Could you help me find the easiest way to legally assign a caretaker for my dog in the event that I am deceased ? Thank You! And great idea! Since I am in Tallahassee, I am happy to contribute some kibbles too since I asked for your legal help 🙂

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