(not even close to) Wordless Wednesday

How do you like the new look?  It was time to renew (I’ve had this bad boy for almost a year!) so I decided to upgrade a little while I was at it.  Be prepared for videos now!  Along with the renewal, I will be making a few changes to the goals and direction of the blog as well.   Travis

I have been a little down lately because this blog was intended to be about promoting fostering and I’ve had my current foster, Maggie, for close to a year now which means I have kind of talked about all of the fostering related things I can.  At least it feels that way.  My other main goal was to positively promote pit bull type dogs and I now plan to spend more time focusing on that.  With the aid of my smarty-pants fiancee I hope to start learning more about BSL, animal rights, and all that jazz and then hopefully pass that knowledge along to you all.  Knowledge is power after all and I truly believe if we all join together, we can and will make a difference in the lives of pit bull type dogs and other homeless animals.  Check out this article for a prime example of what educated, well-spoken animal advocates can do.  MyaSo, in an effort to get started in on the new goals with a bang, I am planning a little fundraiser which I will be describing tomorrow.  I will need all of your help to make it a success though, so start preparing yourselves for the arduous tasks that will be at hand.  Just kidding, it should be pretty painless 🙂    DominicThe adorable pups throughout this post are among a few of the ones the fundraiser will be benefiting.  Check in tomorrow for details!

8 thoughts on “(not even close to) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Love the new look! I am super interested in learning more about BSL. We live in PA and do not have any BSL, so I find myself pretty spoiled and uneducated. So, thanks in advance!

    And WOOT for a fundraiser!!

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