Unexcused Absence

I generally try to make sure that I post at least every couple of days and I just realized that it has been close to a week since I posted last.  And my excuse for this absence?


I ran a muddy, obstacle filled race.


And I hung out with friends.

And I found the perfect dress for my best friend to wear to my wedding.  And wedding shoes!  And I got my dress altered.  And I just generally acted like a kid for a weekend in Jacksonville (where we will be moving very soon!)  But the best part was coming home to this:



So I apologize for my unexcused absence…but not too much because sometimes, a girl’s just gotta have fun!  I will resume my regular posting tomorrow.  And be on the look-out for a follow up post by Rich to Requiring Insurance? Solving Problems!  And I hope everyone else had themselves some fun this weekend!


3 thoughts on “Unexcused Absence

  1. I can’t help it — I want to see pictures of the muddy Morgan. I love (watching) those races! Kiss all the pups for me.


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