Friday is for Fun.

I firmly believe that fresh air, sunshine, and exercise do the body and soul more good than anything a doctor can prescribe.  And after this week, I needed both!  I beat Rich home by a few minutes so by the time he walked in the door I had the dogs fed and leashed up–we were ready for an adventure!  They piled in the back of my car like a bunch of clowns (I have yet to win the SUV battle) and we drove to a near-by baseball field.  It was time to stretch our legs!


Fly my Moo, fly!





“Technically” dogs aren’t allowed on the fields so we kinda sorta had to keep our eyes peeled for the officers of the law.  It’s okay though, it just makes things more exciting.  Look at us, a regular old bunch of rebels!



As I write this, the dogs are all crashed out on the couches, twitching and dreaming hard.  I think we had a successful adventure but I don’t plan for the fun to end here.  Oh no, there is a beautiful sunny weekend ahead and I aim to take full advantage of it.  Do you have any big plans for the weekend?  Will you be including your pups?

5 thoughts on “Friday is for Fun.

  1. Oh, how fun! There nothing like a good run in a wide open space 🙂

    I’m going on a pack walk with my mom and dad and lots of pup buddies tomorrow; I am so excited! I hope you have a great weekend too 😀

  2. Very nice pics!

    We actually don’t have a vehicle that will fit all four dogs. I drove a full-sized van for years, then a mini-van. When new vehicle time came around recently I opted for a four-door hatchback!

    Would love to get the dogs outside but unfortunately it looks like a weekend of rain here.

    • What a bummer! It was very rainy here for what felt like everrr so now that it is nice and sunny, we are taking full advantage! I hope you get some sun soon too!


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