A Dog-tastic Weekend


Before “hair and makeup” I cuddled with adorable (and adoptable!) Nala. She’s a DOLL!

First, I am a horrible blogger.  I am so neglecting this poor space right now!  BUT I have a couple of fun things to share to hopefully make up for it!


Just a couple of the pups, hanging out, waiting for their turn in front of the camera.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but my friend who coordinated the whole thing is amazing at this sort of stuff and we had professional hair and makeup, a professional photographer, the use of an entire doggie daycare, volunteers to wrangle dogs, and a ton of dogs from various rescues around town.  It was awesome!


Getting prepped!

It was so cool to see SO many people work together to pull this off.  The idea is to make a calendar, “Pin Ups for Pound Pups”, and give it to the different rescues to sell!  I can’t wait to actually share the pictures from the shoot with everyone.  I think you all will be blown away with the awesomeness.



Saturday was a long day being stuck inside so today Mariah (the gorgeous girl in the middle above) and I took our pups out to this pretty field and let them run and play while we soaked up some rays.  I will share some of those pictures tomorrow!  Did any of you do anything exciting this weekend?  I’d love to hear about it!


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