(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Moo has been going to doggie daycare a couple of times a week lately (expect a post with more on that later…) and it means that on those days of the week I get to have this adorably cute co-pilot:


Do you take your dogs to daycare while you are at work?

13 thoughts on “(almost) Wordless Wednesday

  1. River goes to daycare 2 times a week and she just loves it. She knows what days she is going and will jump all over the door.

  2. What a cutie! Unfortunately, our local daycare doesn’t allow dogs that look like pitbulls without a DNA test confirming they are not one of the bully breeds. (BOO!!!) And while we could get them tested and they might be allowed, I’m not sure how I feel about a place that breed bans.

    • Oh that’s horrible! I agree with you, I don’t think I would feel comfortable taking my dog there either even if they “passed” the DNA test. How sad šŸ˜¦

  3. Aw, Maggie Moo is just too cute! I don’t go to daycare because mom is home pretty much all day now šŸ™‚ But when mom and dad go out of town I get to stay at place where I run and play with other pups all day long; I just love it!

  4. aww so cute, I loved taking Kirby to doggy daycare especially because he could interact with larger dogs! Unfortunately ours is about 45 minutes away so he doesn’t go a lot!

  5. Oh my gosh! Sooo cute! I wish there was a doggy day care close to me so I could drop my boy off while I work. He would love the play time. Kudos to you! That’s awesome!

  6. Yep, Athena goes to daycare once a week (this week twice a week) and she LOVES it! I also really love her daycare and trust the people there completely. I know some daycares can be a bit sketchy with not enough staff and people not actually in the rooms with the dogs, but the dogs are really well cared for at Athena’s daycare. They post pictures of the dogs all day long on Facebook so I can always see what Athena’s up to =)

    Daycare has really helped Athena have her opportunity to play with other dogs. She loves other dogs so much and wants to meet all of them, but we don’t know many people with dogs, so she rarely gets to play. Daycare allows her her play time and has really helped to socialize her. She no longer FREAKS out when we see another dog. I think she gets her fair share of doggie play time each week, so she doesn’t feel the need to initiate play with every single dog she sees.

    • The daycare Maggie goes to sounds a lot like the one Athena goes to! They are so amazing with the dogs; they take each dogs’ needs into consideration and spend a lot of time pairing up the playgroups so that it’s a good experience for all dogs. I love this because while Maggie plays great with about 90% of dog, if one is too boisterous and in her face, she doesn’t like that and will get a little snippy, so it’s good knowing they take that into consideration. Yay for awesome daycares!

  7. My husband works nights while I work during the day, so Taylor is lucky enough to have someone at home at all times…the little princess! But I would definitely use a doggie daycare if needed because Taylor could benefit from more socialization opportunities! Being an only child has its drawbacks!


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