The Good News:

Mac 2

First, and I should have mentioned this sooner, Macy got adopted!  Remember reading about her here?  She is so special and I am beyond happy that she will get to live out the rest of her days in a warm home, filled with love.  Score!

Second, drum roll please….(are you doing it?!) Bea got adopted TOO!  And by truly the most wonderful couple I could have ever hoped for for her.  They actually already adopted one dog from Last Hope Rescue so I knew a little about them.  They are extremely active and take the dogs hiking, and running, and cycling every day.  If they can’t, they take them to doggie daycare!  How awesome is that!?  Skipper, the dog they adopted from Last Hope, is a big, sweet, goofy guy that is a little shy.  I think Bea is going to be the perfect complement to his temperament and energy level.

I am so thrilled that she was adopted so quickly.  I feel horrible that I failed her and caused her to be bounced around (I know, don’t be so hard on yourself Morgan–but if you know me in real life, you know that I am hard on myself literally to the point of it being a fault) but I also know that it was in the best interest of her, as well as my two dogs, and my other foster, Maggie.  Puppies are amazingly resilient (as are dogs in general really) and I don’t believe Bea had lived long enough to experience anything truly tramautic yet.  Ok, she was left at the shelter, and I know that was scary for her  but she doesn’t have emotional scars the way a dog like Maggie does.  I know she was well cared for and had a blast for the week at Mariah’s house and now she has been adopted into a wonderful home.  So, score again!

And last, I have some good news about pit bulls in Florida.  There are several counties throughout the Sunshine State that have Breed Specific Legislation (aka BullShit Laws if you listen to the voices in my head) or bans on pit bulls and pit bull type dogs.  I wish that I was about to announce all of those bans had been lifted because in addition to that being total awesomesauce, as we all know dogs are individuals and should be treated as such.  Banning an entire breed is completely illogical in my humble opinion and does absolutely nothing to get to the root of the problem: bad owners.  This is a whole post, or more realistically a novel’s worth of discussion though, so for now I will stick to my small pience of good news: a proposed ban on pit bulls in Broward County was withdrawn!

I know that this may not sound huge, but it means that we are moving in the right direction.  Baby steps are better than no steps at all!  They did pass two proposals, one which carries a $500 fine for training pit bulls to fight (I know, only $500?!?  It should be life in prison…or worse) and the other carries a $300 fine for not vaccinating your pit bull.  I really don’t understand why the last one is specific to only pit bulls, I think it should be for all dogs, but at least the proposals that did pass encourage responsible dog ownership and lay the ground work for punishing the scum that fight dogs.


photo from Publix’s Facebook page

I am proud of my fellow pit-loving Floridians that showed up to the meeting and spoke intelligently about what great dogs pit bulls are.  It is because of them that the proposal was tossed out.  I know that these baby steps may not be glamorous or front page worthy, but they are steps in the right direction nonetheless.  With continued support from people like the residents of Broward County, and businesses like Publix that proudly post positive pictures, we will eventually return to a state, and then nation, of nondiscriminating pit lovers!  Happy Friday everyone!

7 thoughts on “The Good News:

    • Shoot, I guess I wasn’t clear, it’s actually just for that county (Broward) not all of FL. I’m still happy with the news county though, it’s a small victory that I hope will catch on throughout the state!

  1. Yay! I love all this good news! I am so happy that Macy and Bea found their furrever families =D And hopefully the rest of Florida will figure out that us pittie types are nothing to be afraid of…unless you are allergic to puppy kisses, of course 😉


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