…in my pack, wishes everybunny in yours, “A Very Happy Easter!”




Easter Dogs

IMG_1981Have a great weekend and we will see you all again on Monday!  And don’t forget…

For every legal question/suggestion left in the comments now through Thursday, I will donate 1 lb. of food to Last Hope Rescue!

Happy Friday

A few dogs, all rescued by Last Hope Rescue (the beneficiary of the little fundraiser I am attempting), all wanted to wish you a “Happy Friday!” with their big smiling faces!




IMG_9536IMG_1891These are just a few of the many, many smiling faces Last Hope is responsible for saving.  Please help me, help them!

Remember, for every “legal” suggestion I receive in the the comments now through next Thursday, I will donate 1lb. of dog food to Last Hope Rescue!

FUNdraising For Food!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I am on a bit of a mission to re-vamp the blog.  Since my current foster, Maggie, has been with me close to a year now, I feel that I have kind of ran out of interesting foster related stories to tell.  This is not to say I don’t still want to promote fostering, because believe me, I do!  It’s just to say that in the interest of continuing to do as much good as possible with this space, I think I need to change it up a bit.  And since I have an (almost) attorney at my disposal wanting to help, I figured why not take full advantage and dive into some legal issues while continuing to promote the “bully” breeds I love and of course, fostering?


Nala, available for adoption through Last Hope Rescue.

I was inspired to start blogging by Love & A Six-Foot Leash and frequently stalk enjoy their blog.  They do this adorable thing where they take questions from fellow bloggers and their dogs “respond”.  Recently another blog that I love, Mr. and Mrs. & Nola Kisses, sent in a really great question: How do you get famous (i.e. more followers)?  Being such a popular blog, this was a great question for them to answer.


Maggie, also available for adoption through Last Hope Rescue.

I mentally checked off their suggestions: high quality photos (ok, no more iPhone pictures, duly noted!), post regularly (workin’ on it!), write from the heart (oh, I’ve got that one covered–see here for a prime example of writing a tough post), network (noted!), think big (I’ve already written some pretty controversial posts but this is the direction I’m really hoping to head), and finally, host fundraisers, contests, and giveaways…which leads me to today’s post!

It’s time to FUNdraise up in here!


Maggie, Nala, and (unadoptable) Tag basking in the sun.

As you may or may not know, I foster through Last Hope Rescue, which is an awesome local rescue that pulls dogs from high-kill shelters like Wakulla that I have frequently talked about, as well as many others.  If I’m going to do a fundraiser, it is without a doubt, going to benefit them!


Nala’s cherry eye was fixed a couple of days after these photos were taken. Thank you Last Hope!

So here’s the deal: We are doing our own version of “Kibbles for Comments”!  You may have seen this idea around town the blogging world, and I love it, but I can’t just do the same thing as everyone else.  Oh no!  I am going to make you work for it too.  Since I have the brilliant mind of Rich at my disposal eager to help, I want YOU to comment with any legal type suggestions (dog related of course!) for future posts. Together we will research and do future posts dedicated to the issues you raise!  Think of things like, “There is a proposed bill in _____ city and I don’t understand it, can you explain it?”  Feel free to get as creative and in-depth as you want.  We welcome the challenge!  And don’t worry, there will still be plenty of silly posts in the mix too.

For every “legal” suggestion we receive in a comment for the next week, we will donate 1lb. of dog food to Last Hope Rescue!  Now go tell your friends, please!


Foster mom tells me there are lots of dogs in need of food. Please help her help them!

(not even close to) Wordless Wednesday

How do you like the new look?  It was time to renew (I’ve had this bad boy for almost a year!) so I decided to upgrade a little while I was at it.  Be prepared for videos now!  Along with the renewal, I will be making a few changes to the goals and direction of the blog as well.   Travis

I have been a little down lately because this blog was intended to be about promoting fostering and I’ve had my current foster, Maggie, for close to a year now which means I have kind of talked about all of the fostering related things I can.  At least it feels that way.  My other main goal was to positively promote pit bull type dogs and I now plan to spend more time focusing on that.  With the aid of my smarty-pants fiancee I hope to start learning more about BSL, animal rights, and all that jazz and then hopefully pass that knowledge along to you all.  Knowledge is power after all and I truly believe if we all join together, we can and will make a difference in the lives of pit bull type dogs and other homeless animals.  Check out this article for a prime example of what educated, well-spoken animal advocates can do.  MyaSo, in an effort to get started in on the new goals with a bang, I am planning a little fundraiser which I will be describing tomorrow.  I will need all of your help to make it a success though, so start preparing yourselves for the arduous tasks that will be at hand.  Just kidding, it should be pretty painless 🙂    DominicThe adorable pups throughout this post are among a few of the ones the fundraiser will be benefiting.  Check in tomorrow for details!

Unexcused Absence

I generally try to make sure that I post at least every couple of days and I just realized that it has been close to a week since I posted last.  And my excuse for this absence?


I ran a muddy, obstacle filled race.


And I hung out with friends.

And I found the perfect dress for my best friend to wear to my wedding.  And wedding shoes!  And I got my dress altered.  And I just generally acted like a kid for a weekend in Jacksonville (where we will be moving very soon!)  But the best part was coming home to this:



So I apologize for my unexcused absence…but not too much because sometimes, a girl’s just gotta have fun!  I will resume my regular posting tomorrow.  And be on the look-out for a follow up post by Rich to Requiring Insurance? Solving Problems!  And I hope everyone else had themselves some fun this weekend!


The Mysterious Margaret Moohouse

I am a weirdo.  Rich is a weirdo.  Buddy and Tag are weirdos.  To some extent, we all are a little strange, and that’s a beautiful thing.  But despite the fact that I am kookier than a clock, I have found someone possibly even more peculiar: Maggie.  This little fawn colored pit bull, so average in her markings and stature, is about as atypical as they come.


As Katy Perry would say, “You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no, you’re in then you’re out, you’re up then you’re down.”  To which I would respond, “Yes, Moo most certainly is.  All of those things.”


One minute she is burrowing herself into a little ball, smashed up against me, with her nose carefully tucked into the crook of my arm.  The next second I make the mistake of grabbing a remote to change the channel and she sits bolt upright and gives me her crazy eyed glare.  “Why would you put that scary, most evil thing so close to me?!” she seems to ask.  Within a matter of seconds she has remembered that I am her number one defender and snuggled back up though.


“Oh my Dog, not the REMOTE!”

Most mornings we awake to grunts and snores emitting from this little anomaly who has very carefully positioned herself to be smack dab in the middle of the bed, usually with her face nestled up against one of ours.  Rich or I will sometimes wiggle her up so she is laying right on top of us and she will give us a few lazy kisses before laying her head down on our chest with a content sigh.  Other times we will attempt this move and Maggie will go stiff as a board and give us that crazy eyed glare, this time seemingly asking, “Exactly who do you think you are?  I am not interested in your snuggles this morning, thank-you-very-much.”


And then we have the tin foil.  Oh you evil, evil tin foil, you.  How the mere sound of me pulling the roll out from the drawer is enough to awaken Maggie from the deepest of sleeps and send her flying into the furthest away bedroom will forever baffle me.  In fact, anything metallic or shiny is pretty much The Most Evilest Thing On Earth if you ask Moo.  Except my shiny diamond ring.  That needs to be nibbled on.  Or the metal food and water dish (though I think it’s fairly obvious why those aren’t scary…) or keys or other various shiny, metallic objects which are oh-so-obviously not scary to Maggie.  And Maggie alone.


Oh, and there are Maggie’s fellow furry friends.  She trots along, leader of most pack walks, checking in and giving smooches to all of her friends, a regular social butterfly.  But if someone tries to give her an unsolicited smooch, well, that’s just not going to happen.  A lip curl, snarl, or possibly even a warning snip in their direction are all possibilities.  Or not.  She might just launch into a full blown make-out session.  You just never know.  And at doggie daycare?  She might sit in the corner and observe the others or she might be the center of the action, the queen of the zoomies, the champion of pool time.  You just never know.


“Lady, puh-lease.”

Despite her oddball, seemingly random fears, and mood swings that make Brittany Spears seem sane, Margaret Moohouse, my little Maggie Moo, is loved like no other.  It’s okay if we never solve the great mystery: Who is Maggie’s Forever Family? because she is loved, right here.  Moo is the first to express concern if one of us isn’t feeling well and the last to get out of bed in the morning.  She is weird and wonderful and, though I hope to continue loving the fear out of her, I hope she always retains a little of her mystery.  Life is just more interesting that way.