Bea is for Brat

As in: Spoiled-Completely-Rotten-But-You-Don’t-Even-Care-Because-She’s-So-Cute Brat.  I mentioned last week that Bea would be attending an adoption event this past weekend.  Her precious toes did not even touch the ground once.  This is how she spent the entire event:


It’s true.  We swaddled her and held her like a baby.  Bea was scared by all of the loud noises, not to mention it was frigidly cold, so how could we not carry her around like a baby?  I really don’t think anyone was complaining about the puppy snuggles though.  Unfortunately, this caused Bea to be rather overlooked.  I’m sure most people walked past our booth and didn’t even realize there was a puppy there.


Iz so hard being a puppy.

I was hoping a perfect family would see Bea and fall in love.  That wasn’t the case this past weekend but I am still hoping it will happen soon.  She just has the silliest, sweetest, goofiest little personality of any puppy!  Actually, “little” personality is the wrong phrase; Bea has a BIG personality.


Must. Rest. Eyez.

Bea thinks she is the toughest dog on Earth.  She loves to torment the big dogs and I really don’t think she realizes that they are just letting her have her fun–I think she actually thinks she can beat them up.  Let me tell you, it is quite hilarious to watch all 20 lbs of Bea pounce on 80lb Buddy with a ferocious puppy snarl.  But as soon as play time is over, she wants to be cuddled riiiight up on your neck.  She is constantly giving sweet little puppy grunts and moans.  It iss about the sweetest thing ever.

This was a bit of a rambling post but the moral of the story is: Bea is pure adorableness!  If you or anyone you know is in the market for an incredibly sweet, not to mention smart and well behaved, puppy send them my way!  Oh, and feel free to hit that “share” button and help increase her chances of being swooped up by the perfect family while she still has her sweet puppy breath.

8 thoughts on “Bea is for Brat

    • Thank you for sharing! And yes, I really am loving every minute. I’m not normally a big “puppy person” (I love me an oooold mutt) but she is just so easy and snuggly and loving that it’s hard not to fall for her!

  1. I met Bea at the Fairgounds Sunday the 17th. What a gorgeous sweetie! Nice foster Mom and Wakulla Animal Control group too. Would like to keep up with Bea and hopefully adopt. Working on the husband to do so. He is the main caretaker because he is retires. We have a 10 mo old Plott Hound that can run and play with Bea. He is a little shy of strangers but I think Bea will get him over that, as will his obedience scholl and puppy play dates.


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