A Happy Update

If you follow my blog, you might remember my post about the super, amazing, wonderful series of events that lead to my brother adopting the two dogs from Wakulla that I was so in love with.  Well, this past weekend I was in Jacksonville so I got to see them!


I got there Thursday and that was the day Louise (formerly known as Ava) aka LuLu was scheduled to be spayed so by the time I got there she was already at the vet.  Thelma (formerly Abby) aka Chunk was so sad that was missing out on what she assumed was a grand adventure so Nic took it as an opportunity to spoil her.  I wasn’t kidding when I said he was the best dog parent ever!  Before I got to town her took her to the pet store and let her pick out a new bone.  When I got there we went and got lunch at an awesome burger place and then walked around the beach.





“Whoa, what are those things?”

After the beach we went to pick up LuLu (which I completely forgot to get pictures of!) and it was quite a funny experience.  Lulu gave me all sorts of kisses but when Nic tried to get one, she turned her head and wouldn’t look at him.  She was mad at him!  As soon as they got home and she realized where they were she turned and gave him kisses.  As funny as it was, it is also a little sad because it makes you wonder just how many times she got left somewhere and never picked up by her people.  It will take time but she will learn that Nic will NEVER not be there to pick her back up.


“Pleeeeease can we stay?”

Nic put a divider in the crate so that LuLu could rest peacefully and heal without Chunk pestering her.  After letting them out to potty they raced back in side and the picture above is how he found them.  They can’t stand to be separated!  Seriously, is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  Nic’s exact words, “I am completely in love with them.”  I just about cry every time I think about how beautifully everything turned out.

Stay tuned for some adorable Bea updates!  She will be attending an adoption event this weekend and I am hopeful she will find her forever family.  Wish us luck and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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