Baby Bea

Ok, so I had completely forgotten how much work it is to have a puppy in the house!  Don’t get me wrong, this little snuggle bunny is about as sweet as they come, but puppies had a whole new dimension of work to dog ownership (or in this case fostering.)  But did I mention the snuggles and puppy breath are worth it though?  Because they totally are!


I am happy to report we are making great progress with potty training!  The rain storm, and Bea’s dislike of The Wet Stuff Falling From The Sky, led to an accident in the evening but I can’t be too mad at her about it.  She seems to be starting to understand that it’s really exciting when she does her “business” outside.  My neighbors on the other hand probably think I am bat-shit crazy because everytime she does her business outside, I praise her like crazy.  By the way, I should probably go into this in more detail later, but I am a firm believer in POSITIVE reinforcement.  Praise the behavior you want people!  If I catch her in the middle of having an accident I give a quick “No” and take her immediately outside.  If  I don’t catch her in the act, it just gets cleaned up (with a cleaner that masks the odor of urine so she doesn’t think it’s her “spot”) with her in another room so she can’t see me doing it.  She has been sleeping from about 10pm til 5:30am (this is due to our alarms going off, otherwise I think she would sleep longer!) and not waking up or having accidents in the night.  When she is awake we go out every couple of hours–it is our job to set her up for success afterall and frequent potty trips is one of the ways we do that.  When she does do her business outside it is all, “Good girl, good girl!” in verrrry excited voices with lots of cuddling.  *As I am typing this, I just got a text from Rich (who went home on his lunch break) saying she did her business outside despite the rain!  Go Bea!


I am also happy to report that she does not seem to have any separation issues.  I was worried I would have a crying puppy on my hands when it was Crate Time but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Please cross your fingers this doesn’t change!  My neighbors are not what you would call “pet friendly” so having me live there with (now) four dogs doesn’t exactly make for a pleasant experience for any of us.  While I had Dash it was a living hell.  The guy below me complained daily.  Seriously, can May get here any sooner so I can move into a nice big house with a yard and no one living below or on either side of me please?  Sigh, I digress.  Bea doesn’t seem to have figured out that Kong’s are The Greatest Treat Invention In The Whole History Of Everness just yet, but I think she will sooner than later.  She doesn’t object at all to the crate and, from what we can tell, doesn’t make much of a peep while she is in there.  On Sunday we set up Rich’s phone to record her while we went to the grocery store and aside from a couple of tiny whimpers in the beginning she was quite.  That, combined with the fact that it’s silent when we get home (I sneak in the door to see if I hear anything), and the fact that I haven’t had my landlord call me yet, leads me to believe she is in fact quiet while in her crate.  Happy dance!


Bea has a funny quirk and I’d like to get some opinions on what to do.  Normally I would just start googling and figure out the answer myself but I figured, “Hey, I have super smart bloggy friends, let’s see what they say!”  So here’s the quirk: Bea doesn’t care about food.  Like, at all.  I’ve been feeding her in a room alone so the big dogs don’t eat all her food but every time I check on her she is just kind of hanging out.  Inevitably I sit down and she hops in my lap and I proceed to grab a handful of food which she will then nibble on.  Obviously this is not a habit I want to teach her.  But, also obvious, is the fact that proper nutrition for a growing baby is really important.  My gut instinct is to leave her alone with the food for a set amount of time and then remove the food.  I would think that she would quickly realize she is hungry and begin to eat her food by herself without me hand feeding it to her.  Thoughts?


I iz nots being dif-i-cults foster mommy. I iz just beings a baby. I loves youz!

Let me know what you think about the food situation.  I’m very interested to hear the different opinions out there!

12 thoughts on “Baby Bea

  1. I’m the same with the positive reinforcement. I’m so excited that you have a new foster! As for the food issue, try to add a tablespoon or two of some tasty soft dog food and mix it up with the dry REALLY good. If that doesn’t work, you could try bits of canned pumpkin to mix in or even dice up some treats. Just different smells that will attract, but they won’t be able to pick out everything other than the actual food. Let me know how it goes mama!

  2. Kahlua does that food thing whenever I change the bowl. I usually make a small trail of food bits from him to the bowl. I got him a raised feeder and he thought it was the devil. The food trail, and small morsels around the bowl and he warmed up to it – then made friends with what is inside the bowl. And ofcourse i hugged and kissed him everytime he faced his fear of the bowl and put his snout in it, and ate from it.

    Bea is very sweet.

  3. For a few days, at first, Patrick wouldn’t eat unless I stayed right there with him! It only lasted about 5 days. I would take his food and put it up if he didn’t eat it in a reasonable amount of time. That then became dinner! Every few days he will have a day when he isn’t interested in eating. It’s called being a growing puppy! He is very ready for his next meal on those days! Bea will realize soon that she likes the feeling of a full tummy! You’re doing a fine job, foster mommy 🙂

  4. When I brought Ray home, he was 7 weeks old and he has never been all that interested in his kibble. We’ve switched a few times for various reasons but while he is all about fresh vegetables, fruit and dog treats, his kibble is nothing great. For quite a while I was feeding him by hand. Handfuls at a time and he loved it, but like you said, that can’t go on forever. When I started feeding him twice a day that helped. In the morning i would put out the entire day’s allotment of food (with some yummy toppings) and let him eat his fill for about 20-30 minutes. After that, the food got put away until dinner time when he was able to eat the remainder. If anything was leftover, I just measured it so I could get a sense of what he was and wasn’t eating.
    Now nearly all of his meals are given in his Kongs which he loves to eat from.

    Sounds like you’re doing a really great job with Bea!

  5. When we first got Katey she didn’t want to eat out of the bowl either. I had to sit on the floor and let her eat small amounts out of my hand. It only took a few days and moistening the food a little and she was eating on her own.

  6. Kaya barely ate for the first year of her life. I tried everything from switching brands a million times to mixing in tons of different stuff. Finally she just started eating on her own and now she loves mealtime and inhales her food. My only suggestion would be try feeding her after exercise or use the kibble pieces to train. I can’t wait to move into a house with a big yard too!

    • Yes, she has been to the v-e-t and she is perfectly healthy! She didn’t even have worms, which coming out the of the shelter, I was completely expecting. I think her food aversion has already passed but if not I will definitely be calling and asking their opinion. Thanks!

  7. Thank you everyone for the suggestions! Already this morning she has shown more interest in food. After about 15 minutes I just picked the bowl up (she had eaten most of it!) and tonight she will fed again. Thanks guys!

  8. When we had a foster who was too nervous to eat at first, the vet gave us a few packets of FortiFlora and that solved the problem pretty quickly. I make sure not to bribe them to eat their meals with canned or human food because it’s hard to get them to go back to regular dry food after that.

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