Drum Roll Please….

We have a new foster!  Meet Bea:


Those eyes are something else, aren’t they?

My friend and fellow volunteer was at the shelter on the day that she was left in the drop box. When she walked up to her kennel Bea gave a tough little puppy growl but as soon as my friend sat down she crawled right in her lap and snuggled.



We weren’t exactly planning to take in another foster right now, we kind of have a lot going to between getting ready for our wedding, house hunting, Rich finishing his last semester of Law School, and me job hunting in another city, but come on.  How could we not get her out of the shelter?


The dogs checking out Bea.

We are going to continue looking for a better foster family (by better, I mean someone that doesn’t work all day and has more time to dedicate than we do) or possibly even a rescue to take her, but until that happens (or she is adopted) we have ourselves a second foster dog, bringing the total in the house to FOUR.  Please, don’t judge us.


My two foster girls. As you can see, both are viscous pit bulls!

 At first everyone thought Bea was a pit bull.  I definitely think she is at least part pit bull but I actually think she has some Weimaraner in her too.  She is very lanky and her face is too long to not have something else in her.  Whatever her genetic makeup, Bea is 100% sweet, cuddly, and snuggly!




She is so funny too.  Bea already loves to cuddle with the other dogs and she is learning how to play with them too.  She is so vocal, it’s hilarious!  Check out a video of the her playing with Maggie here.  Bea is full of cute little grunts and sighs too.  Basically, she is adorable, any way you slice it.



I am beyond proud of how well Maggie is handling having her in the house.  She tends to play rough and I was concerned she would be too rough for such a little puppy but she has totally proven me wrong.  She is SO gentle, even when Bea is biting and chewing on her.  I am extremely proud of my Moo!

I apologize for the iPhone photos but I will get much better ones soon to share with everyone.  As always, get in touch with me if you are interested in this smart, sweet little puppy!  And please share as much as you can.  I’d love to get her into her forever home while she still has that sweet puppy breath.

12 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please….

  1. What a sweetie she is. Was she out at Wakulla? I was there Friday afternoon and don’t remember seeing her. Congrats to all of you. I think the work you do to help so many of these wonderful dogs is just terriffic! Happy Monday:)


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