(almost) Wordless Wednesday

This sweet girl is breaking my heart.  She’s about 8-9 and, despite having lead a rough life, she is sweeter than sugar and one of the most loving dogs I have met.  She truly wants nothing more than to sit next to you and snuggle.  We think that she has cancer and I am praying that someone will see how special she is and decide to give her a wonderful ending to what has clearly been a rough life.  Meet Macy:

Macy 1

Macy 2

Macy 3


Mac 2

Macy deserves better than to die of cancer, all alone in the shelter.  If you have a warm spot on your couch that you’re willing to share with a sweet old girl, that loves to give kisses, please get in touch with me.

12 thoughts on “(almost) Wordless Wednesday

  1. She has the cutest face. My precious girl was also a “pound” puppy. I was blessed to add her in 2005. Have the love,food, but probably can’t swing the vet bills for her, when she gets sick. Will pray for her and for someone closer to her location to open their hearts. ❤

  2. She sure is sweet-looking. I’ve been looking for info abotu where you’re located — (well, where Macy’s located) and can’t find. I’d love to post her on our Facebook page if she’s still at the shelter. I have a real soft spot for the elderly dogs, especially ones with not much time left. Let me know if she’s still with you, and where she’s located. And thanks for violating the sacred terms of Wordless Wednesday! :0)

    • Hi! Macy is located in Crawfordville, FL at the Animal Control – this is about 20 miles south of Tallahassee. She is such a doll. We have a biopsy scheduled for Tuesday so we will know then much more what we are dealing with. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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