I find it highly entertaining to look at my Stats and see what people search my blog for.  For those of you that don’t have a blog, us “bloggers” can see what you search our blogs for.  You’ve been warned!  So, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things people have searched my blog for and discuss.  Interested?


“Whoa, who is questioning if Grandma loves me?”

First, and most commonly searched, is the phrase “mom loves my dog”.  Ok, so I can maybe see how like one or two people would search this phrase, but there have been multiple people that searched my blog for that exact same phrase.  That’s a little strange, right?  Are they wondering if my mom loves my dogs?  Or are they trying to figure out if their mom loves their dog?  Or maybe if their mom loves my dog?  Huh, interesting.


“Awful what? Oh brother.”

Awful toenails.  Yes, multiple people again have searched my blog for this phrase.  What in the world did I ever talk about that made people want to search my blog for “awful toenails”.  Are they hoping to see pictures of awful toenails?  Or maybe learn how to trim a set of awful toenails?  And multiple people too.  Maybe they are soulmates.


“There better not be fleas on my bed!”

Again, multiple people have searched for the phrase “flea dirt on bed”.  Ok seriously, how many people out there read my blog and want to know if I have flea dirt on my bed.  Or are they wondering if they have flea dirt on their bed?  Is it only me, or is this a little strange?’


“I can has smooches?”

“Pittie Kisses” – ok, finally one I understand!  With all my posts showin’ the love towards pit bulls, I get this one.  Though I don’t think I’ve done a post dedicated just to wonderful pittie kisses.  Hmm, now there’s an idea for a future post….

Some other phrases that have been searched include, but trust me are not limited to: “dog with pretty”, “freckles women”, “cute dog costume crossing”, “my nanny apple”, and “sexy permanent caption”.  See, highly entertaining!  If you happen to be the person that searched one, or multiple, of these phrases thank you for the laughs you have given me!  Please, keep it up!



8 thoughts on “Funnies

  1. OMG this is hilarious!!!! LOL! And I think the awful toes stemmed from you on the Versatility award Blog, Your questions from the other blog was something about something you really dislike about yourself, or some other weird question, and you said something like my toes, they are really awful, I’ll look it up but I think that was it!!! Lol I cant believe people searched for that tho!!!

  2. I was thinking exactly this the other day as I looked through the search terms that brought people to my blog. “can a boy sperminate once in two day?” Oh yeah, you read that right! There are some very odd searches in the mix. Funny, but odd.

    • I had some very “x” rated searches too! I refrained from sharing them, though I find them the most interesting because, well, this is a blog about DOGS. How does that even become sexual?


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