Eye See You

I love eyes.  No two are the same.  They’re intricate and beautiful and complex.  And yes, I think they are a window straight to the soul.

IMG_1117Take my Tag for example.  While she certainly was “rescued” in the sense that she was just a tiny baby and wouldn’t have survived on her own out in the woods,  she has never known anything but me, Buddy, and unconditional love.  Can’t you look into her eyes and see that pure, innocent, untainted trust?  The slight furrow on her brow is near permanent as she looks to either me or Buddy for cues on every move she makes.  Can you see the concern and focus?  I look  into her eyes and see absolute, unconditional, undying love and devotion.


Then we have my Buddy.  My comedian, my confidant, my best friend.  He was around two when I took him from the shelter on the very day he was scheduled to be put down.  The appreciation is clear.  The BB sticking out of side is evidence that he has seen darker days but I think I’ve loved the fear out of him.  His eyes now twinkle with humor and all the secrets I have entrusted him with over the years.

Maggie, a rescued pit bull, enjoying to comfort and safety of her forever home.

Maggie, my sweet, damaged baby.  What have you seen?  What has been done to you?  I see the fear receding with every day, but it’s still there, behind her eyes.  It was constant when she came to me but now just a fleeting shadow of her past.  The way she looks at us in the morning, with her sleepy, content eyes, is proof that I am loving the fear out of her too.  I can see the suspicion when she meets a new person, or the uncertaintanty when she is in a new place, but I can also see her confidence growing with each day.  Maggie’s eyes twinkle with humor too; in typical pit bull fashion she is quite a little comedian.  Yes, I do believe I’m loving the fearing right away.

What do your dog’s eyes tell you?  Do they know your most secretive secrets?  Are they full of humor?  Do they hold hints to their past?

7 thoughts on “Eye See You

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