I could have more money, but I wouldn’t be as rich.

Yup, it’s true!  I realized after my post about wanting an SUV again (which I still totally do) that I could actually easily afford one – if I didn’t spend so much money on “rescue” stuff.  I could also afford a new pair of boots, that super cute jacket at Banana Republic that I’ve been eyeing, pedicures…all kinds of stuff.  But would I be as happy?  No way.

Maybe it’s just that I’m maturing.  Or maybe it’s that I’ve reached some Zen-like, Monk-ish, altruistic state.  I’m not sure what it is, but I now see that it’s not the material things in life that matter.  That jacket I want?  I could fully vet at least two dogs for what I would spend on it.  Or those boots?  Gas for multiple transports or trips to the shelter.  One pedicure?  New leash and collar for a dog.  Yes, this is how my brain works.  I see something I want and I automatically think how that money could be better spent doing good.


And you know what?  I am absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, happier this way.  That jacket isn’t going to give me a big sloppy kiss to say “thanks.”  That pair of boots isn’t going to gaze at me with eyes full of love and appreciation.  And the pedicure?  Well, I’m pretty sure the dogs (not to mention Rich) wouldn’t notice, let alone mind, if my toes go naked.


I’ve mentioned it before, but the feeling of knowing that you, yes you, are responsible for a dog not only being alive, but bringing joy to a family is beyond words.  There have been times when I had to decide between spending my money on a dog and on something else that I want and every single time I later look back on that decision and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I not only made the right decision, but having chosen differently would have felt enormous guilt.

No, not The Cone of Shame!

No, not The Cone of Shame!

I don’t mean to suggest that everyone out there immediately stop spending money on anything that isn’t “rescue” related.  Absolutely not. The world wouldn’t continue to turn.  The point I am trying to make is that maybe, just maybe, give up that latte on the way to work and pledge the $5 to a dog in need instead.  Skip your monthly massage and buy a couple of bags of food for a local rescue.  Offer to transport a dog one Saturday morning instead of going to a big brunch.  You won’t even notice those things that you are “giving up” but you will notice how fulfilled you feel.


And it doesn’t even have to be “dog” related.  Sponsor a starving child.  Donate to restoring an old library.  Go read books to the elderly in a nursing home.  Step outside yourself and your “needs” and see the world around you.  Volunteering doesn’t have to become all-consuming but give it a try.  You might just be surprised at how rich you become.

Oh!  And don’t forget, it’s free to “share” a picture on Facebook!  Sharing is Caring.

11 thoughts on “I could have more money, but I wouldn’t be as rich.

  1. If everyone did one good thing a day, any good thing to help someone or something other than themselves the world would truely be a wonderful place! Thank you for giving up all the extras and loving furries!!! I ended up once again passing up a very cute cardigan and buying two leashes and harnesses for todays event! The dogs will look better in their spiffy new harnesses than I will in a cardigan!!!! You are wise like Obi Wan!

  2. I posted something so similar to this awhile back. I’m the same way. I can’t go tanning anymore or buy new shirts without thinking I could be doing something better with my money. And I think that we HAVE reached a happy-fufulled place in our life because we’re doing something we love. 🙂

  3. Another great post, Morgan! I also wanted to mention that many pet stores, like Petco, gives its patrons quick and easy opportunities to give to pets in need: When a Petco customer swipes a debit/credit card, he/she has the option to donate an additional $1 or $5 to their charity organization.

  4. I agree with you 100%! I do the same thing, though. I think about the nice couch, big screen tv, new laptop, but really…those things can’t give me anywhere near as much joy as a dog can.

    When people lately have commented, “You spent that much on a rescue?”, I smile and say, “Yep! Can’t take the money with you and that small amount meant the difference between life and death for the pup.” That shuts them up. 🙂

    If we all gave a little bit of ourselves each day to others who need our time, experience, help or money, the world would be truly rich. For me, wealth isn’t about what you’ve got, but what you can give.

  5. Someone asked me once if I got paid to foster. Of course not, but that’s not why I do it. Honestly, I would pay them just to let me do it! I love it 🙂 And I have to admit, an SUV does sound quite nice for the pups. My car just bit the dust after 11 years, so I think a new-to-me car might be in my near future 🙂

  6. Of course, if you stopped spending the money on dogs and could, therefore, afford the SUV, you would no longer need it, because you would not have your travel mates anymore 🙂
    You are doing a fabulous thing and we take our hats off to you!

  7. Late last year we participated in the 13 project – http://bumpyroadtobubba.com/2012/12/22/so-what-have-i-done/ – where you pledged to do 13 things for animals in need before 2013. Even though I didn’t have any spare money to buy things, I did have a closet of blankets and towels that were definitely surplus stock for us. My two loved up pups have so many toys so I went through theirs, gave them a good scrub or a spin through the washer and dryer and Love Bug and I took a couple of huge bags of toys, blankets and towels to a shelter. Although I give when I can, it’s nice that you don’t even need to spend money to help out! There are a lot of dogs around thanking their lucky stars you gave up that jacket and those boots 🙂

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