Lobbying for an SUV

While in college I made the decision to get rid of my beloved SUV in exchange for a small, fuel efficient car.  While this has been great from a money saving perspective, it’s horrible from a “rescue” perspective.  Most weekends I need to drive a dog somewhere, haul something to an adoption event, or take my own dogs somewhere fun.  My tiny car is not condusive.  In an attempt to make Rich see that I need, yes need, and SUV again, I thought I would let the dogs do the talking for me:


“Um, it’s a little cramped back here miss?” – Lucy


“How much longer do I have to ride back here?!” – Annie

Maggie m

“I can’t even look at you until you get a bigger car!” – Maggie


“Oh look how nice and big that SUV is (hint, hint)” – Harley

Aspen  a

“Whoa, dis wittle car iz scawry” – Aspen

Prince and Queenie

“No room, I must sits on my brudder” – Queenie (and Prince)


“This. Is. Bullshit.” – Buddy (Maggie on the other hand appears quite pleased)


“Freeeeedom!” – Ace (Ok, so this guy was so happy with life, I couldn’t even make one up for him)


“I am NOT impressed lady.” – King


“Mom. Seriously. Please?” – Tag (Again, Maggie appears rather pleased)

Ava and Abby

“It’s cool, we’ll take it from here. YOU can go ride back there.” – Ava and Abby

See?  For the sake of my always precious cargo, I need an SUV again.  Please?


11 thoughts on “Lobbying for an SUV

  1. Mr. Kahlua Israni used to crawl under my seat in the old infinity j30 I had from a previous life and NEVER come out!! I swear, I had to switch to a Matrix because of this and now, he sits in the trunk (it’s an open one, relax!) for short rides and on the backseat with a seatbelt for longer ones. But yes, it is a blessing when I do transport! I fit 2 crates filled with pups and a third with a Cat once! 🙂 Morgan, it’s not an SUV, but much less expensive and more fuel efficient. It was Kahlua’s choice! You can look at it next time you see me 🙂

  2. How funny! We bought our first SUV after we did a transport that involved putting not one but TWO St. Bernards in the back of a mid-sized coupe. We were in the market for a 2nd car anyway at that time but that transport switched our search from another gas efficient coupe towards something a bit less cramped.

    We ended up with a four door Blazer which I drove with love for many years. When we recently were in the market again for a vehicle we decided that the price of gas and my long work commute meant we needed to find a happy medium. Enter the Chevy HHR…. Love it!

    If I fold down the seats I can fit two med/large crates in the back with room left for one lose dog or I can crate the one dog that rides badly and let the other two be free. Plus I get a blistering 25-28 mpg on the highway. (I know you Prius folks are laughing but compared to the Blazer it’s heaven.)

    Unfortunately Chevy discontinued this model in 2011 but I bet that means you could find a super deal on a low mileage used one.

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