Everything You Need To Know About Fostering:

Saying Goodbye to our Foster Dog

You will step in poop.  You’re also probably going to get some on your hands, because eventually you will use a bag with a tiny tear at the bottom that you won’t notice until it’s too late.

You will be a hero.

You will spend many sleepless nights as your foster dog learns to adjust to his new home.  You will have bags under your eyes, you’ll skip the gym, and you’ll gain 10 lbs.

Your foster dog will adore you despite what the scale says.

Your favorite shoes will be destroyed.  Your couch will be shredded.  Your clothes perpetually covered in dog hair.

People will look at you in awe as you tell them how you saved this dog’s life.

This adorable foster puppy is just waiting for his forever family to find him.

Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will convert from pictures of you at clubs and parties, to pictures of your foster dog.  Your friends will call you “the crazy dog lady”.

You will feel the most fulfilled you ever have in your life. 

Your Saturdays will go from football tailgates to adoption events.  You will skip trips to the beach to take your foster dog for a meet and greet with a potential adopter instead.

You will become addicted to saving lives.

You will get frustrated, you will cry, you will want to give up.

You won’t because this life depends on you.

This adorable foster puppy is just hangin' out until she finds her forever family!

You will get angry when you can’t understand how someone could do this to such an innocent creature.  You will get angry when a friend chooses to buy a puppy instead of adopting one.  You will begin to view humans as lesser beings for the cruelty you see them inflict.

You will speak up and begin to be the voice of change.

Most of all, your heart will break as you say goodbye to your foster dog when he finds his forever family. You will have fallen helplessly in love with him.  You held him when he hurt.  You taught him to trust.  You invested your heart and soul into this dog and, under your careful care, he blossomed.

You will repeat the cycle and save another. 

A puppy right after being adopted by his new family.

Dash’s first photo with his forever family.

Every dog, and therefore every fostering experience, will be different.  It likely will be easier than this.  It might be harder.  I promise you though, the amount of joy and love you will experience is indescribable.  Mere words cannot express the feeling you will get when you see your former foster dog, full of life and happiness, bringing joy to his new family.  If not for you, that life wouldn’t even exist.  And that family, who is now whole, would have been forever missing a piece of themselves. 

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