(not even close to) Wordless Wednesday

So I was scrolling through my phone, trying to decide what the “theme” of my Wordless Wednesday would be, and nothing was really jumping out at me.  Things are slow on the fostering front–Maggie hasn’t decided to eat anything else deadly lately so not much to report there.  I have all these random pictures, from random events, and then it hit me!  Why not just share some of my many random adventures over the last year?  They aren’t all fostering related, but most involve dogs (or some sort of animal), and there is even a little bit of photographic evidence that I do, occasionally, have a life outside of dogs.  Are you excited?  Here goes:

I went on trips to the beach:


I enjoyed my goofy permanent dogs:


 I spent a week in New Orleans living at the Villalobos Rescue (from the show Pit Bulls and Parolees) and volunteering with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met:


I crawled under a house in the middle of the country to save this sweet little dog:


I fostered this goofy puppy, Dash:


And temporarily this one, Harley:


I learned that snakes aren’t scary:


I hung out with my wonderful brothers:

BenNicI nearly had my head bitten off by this huge guy:

KingI temporarily fostered three little kitties until I could find them a rescue:

KittiesI acted like someone my age and went to Vegas (twice):

VegasI helped wrangle dogs like Georgie at adoption events:

GeorgieI started a pack walking group called TallahasseeWalkABulls:

AI saw this guy at a shelter and promised to find him a home, and did:

AceI have been fostering this goof, Maggie:

Maggie MoosAnd (this is technically this year and not last but I’m still so excited about it that I’m sharing it anyways) found these two girls a home, with my brother!

GirlsSomewhere in there I also managed to (finally) graduate from college and get engaged to the most wonderful guy ever.  How am I going to top all that this year?  Stay tuned and I guess we will see!

5 thoughts on “(not even close to) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Omg. You were certainly busy last year. Thanks a million for all you did with the gorgeous dogs in the pictures. You are their angel. Congratulations on your graduation and may life be full of amazing surprises for you. Thanks for helping dogs, but specialy for helping pit bulls:)

  2. Wow! Vegas, twice, lucky girl! I hope to go with some good friends of mine in the new year. You are such a great amazing person taking all these dogs in and loving them, Im glad you still get to have some you time too! 🙂

  3. Such an awesome year! My favorite photo is definitely Buddy. He looks so much like my June Bug! Spending a week in New Orleans with that rescue sounds amazing! Congrats on your engagement and I hope this year is even better for you 🙂


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