The World’s Most Perfect Series of Events?

I believe that is precisely what I experienced this last week.  I will start at the beginning and do my best to capture just how perfectly everything panned out.  (On a side note, a dear friend of my just wrote a blog post about how she too had an experience with rescue this weekend that was pure fate, read it here!)

Ava (left) and Abby (right) at the shelter.

Ava (left) and Abby (right) at the shelter.

Ok, so here goes.  My baby brother is truly the best dog owner I know.  He has this amazing way with dogs—they just do as he asks with an almost instant understanding of his desires, not to mention I have never met a dog that doesn’t instantly adore my brother.  He is patient and loving, but also always the undeniable leader.  It’s a combination that I think is pretty perfect for a dog owner.  I pester him every now and then when there is a particularly awesome dog that I think he would like, and his response is always, “I want to so bad, but where I live just isn’t right” which I completely respect and just further drives home my belief that he is the best dog owner I know.  In fact, he is the person that is designated to get my dogs should Rich and I both die on our honeymoon in May.  (I know, it’s morbid but I’d rather be prepared!)

AbbyLast week the shelter that I volunteer at was even more full than normal.  There were these two young females that didn’t come in together but had quickly bonded.  They were first in line to get put down because they had been there longer than others and I was absolutely devastated at the thought.  I truly do try my best not to get too attached to the dogs I meet there because there is always the lingering chance that they could get put down, but I was beyond attached to these two.  They were just the sweetest, most loving, perfect little girls you could ever meet.


In my desperation Rich and I spent one evening emailing every rescue we could find, begging that they take these two.  (If there had been an open home with Last Hope Rescue, that would have been my first choice so I could still see them, but of course with all the returned dogs we’ve been getting, that wasn’t an option.)  Late that night I said, “All right, that’s enough for tonight.” Rich responded with, “Just one last one.”   Well, that “one last one” turned out to be the only one that responded!  And not only did they respond, but they were willing to take the girls!  It was the Humane Society in Jacksonville and I hated to think they were just leaving one shelter and going to another, but at least I knew there was not a risk of them being killed there.

The girls at the adoption event on Saturday.

The girls at the adoption event on Saturday.

On Saturday we were invited to attend a large adoption even and we decided to bring the girls in hopes that a wonderful family would swoop them up.  So many met them and commented on how sweet they were, but not a single person filled out an application for them.  I took them home with me that night and let them have a sleep over since Sunday was the day I would be taking them to Jacksonville.  They were perfect little ladies that night and I slept in the spare bedroom with them, cuddling and praying that a wonderful family would adopt them quickly from Jacksonville.


Ava and I needed a nap.

As I drove to Jacksonville on Sunday, I called my brother just to see if he wanted to meet up and grab lunch or something.  He said he would meet me at the Humane Society because he wanted to see these girls that I was making such a fuss over.  For the remainder of the trip I fretted.  I don’t know what their adoption policies are, what if they just let anyone take the dogs and they end up in a horrible situation?  They are so bonded, what if only one gets adopted and the other is stuck in the shelter for years?  I prayed and prayed that some great family would come along and adopt them together.  I knew I would probably never know what became of them and that I would always have a hollow spot in my heart when I thought of them.  I tried to tell myself I was doing the only thing I could to give them a chance at life and that I had to just trust and have faith that nothing bad would ever happen again to them—no small feat when you see the sad things I see on a daily basis.

The girls helping me navigate on the way to Jacksonville.

The girls helping me navigate on the way to Jacksonville.

I got to the Humane Society before my brother did and decided to walk the girls around until he got there.  I wanted to make the most of the little time I had left with them.  Soon my baby brother, on his big motorcycle, pulled in to the parking lot, hopped off his bike, and proceeded to get down on the ground and love on the girls.  Almost instantly he said, “Put them back in your car, we’re going to my house.  There is no way we are leaving them here!”  I kept asking him, “Are you sure?  You’ve been saying it’s not a good time yet, I don’t want to pressure you.”  His said had been looking for a place to move into by himself (he lives with 2 other guys, 3 dogs,  2 huge snakes, 3 guinea pigs, and I 3 huge fish tanks) so this was the perfect incentive for him to speed up the process.  He could keep the girls at his girlfriend’s house until he moved into his own place.  So, off we went!

We went to his house first where the girls got to meet the resident dogs (and other animals) and then we loaded them back up and headed to the store for all of the essentials: crate, bowls, leashes, etc.  We basically spent the rest of the day bouncing from place to place and showing them off.  In my head, I just kept saying, “Thank you God, thank you” over, and over, and over.  I truly don’t know if I have ever been as happy as I was yesterday.  It was completely unexpected and totally unplanned, yet the most perfect outcome I could ever imagine.

If this story isn’t proof that God has a plan, I don’t know what is.  There was a reason my brother had always said “no” until now.  There was a reason Rich sent that one last email.  There was a reason no family was interested in them on Saturday.  And that reason is, without a doubt, that God wanted these two girls to stay together and get spoiled for the rest of their life by my brother.  Rich and I (and the mutts) will be moving to Jacksonville in May and you better bet, we plan to spend every chance we get with all 5 dogs, running on the beach, and enjoying the fact that God clearly wanted us all to be together.

Side note: the girls have been renamed to Thelma and Louise!  A sure sign of trouble to come 🙂  Click here to see a cute video of them playing soccer with my brother.

19 thoughts on “The World’s Most Perfect Series of Events?

  1. Oh I love this story! I found you via onebluedog’s post and now I’m going to have to follow you to hear all of your happy news. It’s like that with forever dogs isn’t it? When you know, you know!

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