Patrick the Parvo Puppy

Patrick does not know it, but he was moments away from death on the day his old “owner” dropped him at the shelter.  If not for the enormous heart of a friend and fellow WCAC volunteer that took pity on this poor pup and rushed him to the vet, he would have been put down.  Parvo is highly contagious, often deadly, and the shelter is just no place for a puppy with this illness–for his sake and the protection of all other dogs that are there.

IMG_0965Patrick was only at the vet for a day when they realized he was going to bounce back and be just fine.  Because of the nature of Parvo, even after the dog is healthy, it is still highly contagious.  It would take a very special person with just the right circumstances to be able to foster this little guy.  My mom, once again, stepped up to save the day.  In fact, this time, she asked me about fostering him.

IMG_0978Fast forward less than two weeks to today, and Patrick is not only healthy and happy, but he is now ready for adoption!  Patrick went to the vet yesterday where he received his first round of vaccines and confirmation that he is no longer contagious–and there ready for adoption.

IMG_0970Patrick is extremely smart.  He follows my mom everywhere she goes, comes when called, and is already learning other commands like “sit”.  He also sleeps through the entire night (impressive for such a young pup), doesn’t mind his crate one bit, and has not had one single accident in the time she has been fostering him.  See?  I told you he was smart!

IMG_0968Patrick plays wonderfully with his two fur sisters.  Hollie, who is also from WCAC and also available for adoption (click here to read about her incredible story), as well as my mom’s permanent dog, Tess.

IMG_0964Patrick would make a wonderful addition to virtually any family.  He truly is an easy pup that just wants to please.  If you have any interest in adding this adorable little guy to your family, please get it touch with me!  If not, please do my poor mom a favor and hit the “share” button so we can help get her back down to a more manageable two dog household.  Remember, “Sharing is Caring” 🙂

10 thoughts on “Patrick the Parvo Puppy

  1. Patrick will be so hard for me to give up. He is so smart and loves to play with his big sisters, Tess and Hollie. It took Hollie a couple of days to accept him but now she torments him to play with her!

  2. I was at WCAC the day Patrick’s human brought him in. Luckily for Patrick, he couldn’t have been taken to a better place. Some(or maybe most)shelters would have immediately put down a parvo puppy. The caring staff and volunteers at WCAC knew this little guy deserved a chance! If only all shelters were run by people that cared as much.

  3. I so love his face. I apologize if I should know, but what state is he located in? Thank you and may God bless you in abundance for your never ending kindness and love for these sweet souls.

    • Don’t apologize! We are in Tallahassee, FL. I volunteer at a very small, rural shelter about 20 minutes south of Tallahassee called Wakulla County Animal Contol (WCAC) which is where Patrick is from!

  4. Patrick the Parvo Puppy Update! He is growing like a weed, eating, playing, learning and getting along so well with his “sisters”! He is learning to heal, sit and stay…so very smart. He has stolen my heart, but, he needs a forever home to call his own so I can continue to help others.


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