Maggie says…

Uh oh!  Hi there everybodies, Maggie here.  I made a boo-boo.  I will tells you what happened though: so the other day, I decided that I just really didn’t wants to stay in my crate any longer.  I will not share my most secretive secret of hows I got out, but I did!  Foster mommy called me Hoodini when she got home.  I do not knows what a Hoodini is, but if it is likes me, it must be awesome.

photo-2Whens I was out of my crate, I felt so freed!  I decided since no ones was here to stop me, I would taste this nummy thing I had been eyeing.  Foster mommy always keeps the house picked up so the only things I can get to is our toys, but this thing I wanted was under her bed so I could get it!  I heard foster mom call it a wreath?  It had the best little nibbly balls on it.  I had a blast shredding it and eating all the balls!  It was like a game.  A game I definitely won.  Well, I think I won at least.

IMG_0918The next day my tummy was not happy with me.  I wills not tell you what I did, because it is not lady like, but it was yucky.  Foster mom was gone most of the day (I heard her say something about Tallahassee WalkABulls and Wakulla County Animal Control) but foster dad was here.  When foster mommy got home, she took me outside to use the bathroom again.  I did but when we came inside, I went and sat in the kitchen where there is tile.  I knews something was not right and my bottom was leaking!  There was yuckiness all over the whole kitchen.  Foster mommy found me a few minutes later and said, “We need to leave now!”  She wrapped me in a blanket and carried me to the car.  Foster dad drove while foster mom held me.  I was nots feeling good at all, so I just laid in her arms and did not lift my head.


All of the dark round spots, the length of her belly, are actually little styrofoam balls that were completely packed in there.

We got to this place I had never been to before and foster mommy carried me in to the peoples there.  We sat in a room and she was pacing and pacing and pacing all around.  I said, “Whoa lady, you is making my head spin with all that circling!”  Then a new lady I had never met took me in the back where this biiiig machine was.  They took pictures of my belly.  After thats, they brought me back to the fosters and they said goodbye to me!  I heard thems talking about surgery ands I got worried.  I tried to tell foster mommy not to leave me and that I was sorry but she just said, “Moo, I love you.  Be a good girl and I will see you soon.”  What the heck?  She lefted me there!


The white lines are metal wires that we were concerned wouldn’t pass and would require surgery to extract.

Well let me tell you, it was NOT a fun night.  I kept hearing them talk about me “passing” things (something about metal wires?) and I does not know what they were giving me but I could not stop going to the bathroom!  It was Yuck City.  And those people who I did not even know were doing things to my bottom!  How rude?! The peoples did tell me that foster mommy called every couple of hours, all night long, to check on me.  They took another picture of my belly and then I heard them says that I did not has to has the surgery.  Phew.  I don’t knows what a surgery is, but I don’t likes the sound of it.

IMG_9536It was still dark out the next morning when the fosters came to get me.  Foster mommy said I was a naughty dog and thats I made her spend her Saturday night worrying about me.  I don’t thinks she was actually mad at me though because we spended the whooooole day sitting on the couch and normally foster mom does something other than sit around on Sundays.  I am feeling much better now.  I guess maybe I will just stay in my crate from now on though.  We will see.

IMG_0932Foster mom said that I should tell you, all the dogs in these pictures is available for adoption like me!  She says to sends her an emaily if you are interested in any of them at  Ok, bye for nows everybodies!

12 thoughts on “Maggie says…

  1. Maggie…I’m sooo happy you are much better now! It takes a lot of guts to admit what happened. Hopefully your story will prevent another little one from getting into that same situation!

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