(almost) Wordless Wednesday

This sweet girl is breaking my heart.  She’s about 8-9 and, despite having lead a rough life, she is sweeter than sugar and one of the most loving dogs I have met.  She truly wants nothing more than to sit next to you and snuggle.  We think that she has cancer and I am praying that someone will see how special she is and decide to give her a wonderful ending to what has clearly been a rough life.  Meet Macy:

Macy 1

Macy 2

Macy 3


Mac 2

Macy deserves better than to die of cancer, all alone in the shelter.  If you have a warm spot on your couch that you’re willing to share with a sweet old girl, that loves to give kisses, please get in touch with me.


I find it highly entertaining to look at my Stats and see what people search my blog for.  For those of you that don’t have a blog, us “bloggers” can see what you search our blogs for.  You’ve been warned!  So, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things people have searched my blog for and discuss.  Interested?


“Whoa, who is questioning if Grandma loves me?”

First, and most commonly searched, is the phrase “mom loves my dog”.  Ok, so I can maybe see how like one or two people would search this phrase, but there have been multiple people that searched my blog for that exact same phrase.  That’s a little strange, right?  Are they wondering if my mom loves my dogs?  Or are they trying to figure out if their mom loves their dog?  Or maybe if their mom loves my dog?  Huh, interesting.


“Awful what? Oh brother.”

Awful toenails.  Yes, multiple people again have searched my blog for this phrase.  What in the world did I ever talk about that made people want to search my blog for “awful toenails”.  Are they hoping to see pictures of awful toenails?  Or maybe learn how to trim a set of awful toenails?  And multiple people too.  Maybe they are soulmates.


“There better not be fleas on my bed!”

Again, multiple people have searched for the phrase “flea dirt on bed”.  Ok seriously, how many people out there read my blog and want to know if I have flea dirt on my bed.  Or are they wondering if they have flea dirt on their bed?  Is it only me, or is this a little strange?’


“I can has smooches?”

“Pittie Kisses” – ok, finally one I understand!  With all my posts showin’ the love towards pit bulls, I get this one.  Though I don’t think I’ve done a post dedicated just to wonderful pittie kisses.  Hmm, now there’s an idea for a future post….

Some other phrases that have been searched include, but trust me are not limited to: “dog with pretty”, “freckles women”, “cute dog costume crossing”, “my nanny apple”, and “sexy permanent caption”.  See, highly entertaining!  If you happen to be the person that searched one, or multiple, of these phrases thank you for the laughs you have given me!  Please, keep it up!



Eye See You

I love eyes.  No two are the same.  They’re intricate and beautiful and complex.  And yes, I think they are a window straight to the soul.

IMG_1117Take my Tag for example.  While she certainly was “rescued” in the sense that she was just a tiny baby and wouldn’t have survived on her own out in the woods,  she has never known anything but me, Buddy, and unconditional love.  Can’t you look into her eyes and see that pure, innocent, untainted trust?  The slight furrow on her brow is near permanent as she looks to either me or Buddy for cues on every move she makes.  Can you see the concern and focus?  I look  into her eyes and see absolute, unconditional, undying love and devotion.


Then we have my Buddy.  My comedian, my confidant, my best friend.  He was around two when I took him from the shelter on the very day he was scheduled to be put down.  The appreciation is clear.  The BB sticking out of side is evidence that he has seen darker days but I think I’ve loved the fear out of him.  His eyes now twinkle with humor and all the secrets I have entrusted him with over the years.

Maggie, a rescued pit bull, enjoying to comfort and safety of her forever home.

Maggie, my sweet, damaged baby.  What have you seen?  What has been done to you?  I see the fear receding with every day, but it’s still there, behind her eyes.  It was constant when she came to me but now just a fleeting shadow of her past.  The way she looks at us in the morning, with her sleepy, content eyes, is proof that I am loving the fear out of her too.  I can see the suspicion when she meets a new person, or the uncertaintanty when she is in a new place, but I can also see her confidence growing with each day.  Maggie’s eyes twinkle with humor too; in typical pit bull fashion she is quite a little comedian.  Yes, I do believe I’m loving the fearing right away.

What do your dog’s eyes tell you?  Do they know your most secretive secrets?  Are they full of humor?  Do they hold hints to their past?

I could have more money, but I wouldn’t be as rich.

Yup, it’s true!  I realized after my post about wanting an SUV again (which I still totally do) that I could actually easily afford one – if I didn’t spend so much money on “rescue” stuff.  I could also afford a new pair of boots, that super cute jacket at Banana Republic that I’ve been eyeing, pedicures…all kinds of stuff.  But would I be as happy?  No way.

Maybe it’s just that I’m maturing.  Or maybe it’s that I’ve reached some Zen-like, Monk-ish, altruistic state.  I’m not sure what it is, but I now see that it’s not the material things in life that matter.  That jacket I want?  I could fully vet at least two dogs for what I would spend on it.  Or those boots?  Gas for multiple transports or trips to the shelter.  One pedicure?  New leash and collar for a dog.  Yes, this is how my brain works.  I see something I want and I automatically think how that money could be better spent doing good.


And you know what?  I am absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, happier this way.  That jacket isn’t going to give me a big sloppy kiss to say “thanks.”  That pair of boots isn’t going to gaze at me with eyes full of love and appreciation.  And the pedicure?  Well, I’m pretty sure the dogs (not to mention Rich) wouldn’t notice, let alone mind, if my toes go naked.


I’ve mentioned it before, but the feeling of knowing that you, yes you, are responsible for a dog not only being alive, but bringing joy to a family is beyond words.  There have been times when I had to decide between spending my money on a dog and on something else that I want and every single time I later look back on that decision and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I not only made the right decision, but having chosen differently would have felt enormous guilt.

No, not The Cone of Shame!

No, not The Cone of Shame!

I don’t mean to suggest that everyone out there immediately stop spending money on anything that isn’t “rescue” related.  Absolutely not. The world wouldn’t continue to turn.  The point I am trying to make is that maybe, just maybe, give up that latte on the way to work and pledge the $5 to a dog in need instead.  Skip your monthly massage and buy a couple of bags of food for a local rescue.  Offer to transport a dog one Saturday morning instead of going to a big brunch.  You won’t even notice those things that you are “giving up” but you will notice how fulfilled you feel.


And it doesn’t even have to be “dog” related.  Sponsor a starving child.  Donate to restoring an old library.  Go read books to the elderly in a nursing home.  Step outside yourself and your “needs” and see the world around you.  Volunteering doesn’t have to become all-consuming but give it a try.  You might just be surprised at how rich you become.

Oh!  And don’t forget, it’s free to “share” a picture on Facebook!  Sharing is Caring.

Lobbying for an SUV

While in college I made the decision to get rid of my beloved SUV in exchange for a small, fuel efficient car.  While this has been great from a money saving perspective, it’s horrible from a “rescue” perspective.  Most weekends I need to drive a dog somewhere, haul something to an adoption event, or take my own dogs somewhere fun.  My tiny car is not condusive.  In an attempt to make Rich see that I need, yes need, and SUV again, I thought I would let the dogs do the talking for me:


“Um, it’s a little cramped back here miss?” – Lucy


“How much longer do I have to ride back here?!” – Annie

Maggie m

“I can’t even look at you until you get a bigger car!” – Maggie


“Oh look how nice and big that SUV is (hint, hint)” – Harley

Aspen  a

“Whoa, dis wittle car iz scawry” – Aspen

Prince and Queenie

“No room, I must sits on my brudder” – Queenie (and Prince)


“This. Is. Bullshit.” – Buddy (Maggie on the other hand appears quite pleased)


“Freeeeedom!” – Ace (Ok, so this guy was so happy with life, I couldn’t even make one up for him)


“I am NOT impressed lady.” – King


“Mom. Seriously. Please?” – Tag (Again, Maggie appears rather pleased)

Ava and Abby

“It’s cool, we’ll take it from here. YOU can go ride back there.” – Ava and Abby

See?  For the sake of my always precious cargo, I need an SUV again.  Please?


(almost) Wordless Wednesday

More photos from our hike.  I feel an obsession coming on…




Is there anything cuter than a pittie bootie?

Is there anything cuter than a pittie booty?

I do believe we will find ourselves a new trail to explore this weekend.  After all, Maggie gets to go to Obedience class, the dog park, regular pack walks, and play dates.  It’s only fair Buddy and Tag, my wonderful and understanding permanent dogs, get some special time too!

Hiking on the Holidays

On Sunday we had, what is turning into almost a weekly tradition, another pack walk.  Before hand, Maggie and I met a couple of friends, including her boyfriend Jango, at the dog park.  Maggie was stellar!  She ran and played and was perfect the whole time.  It is absolutely amazing to me to see the improvement in her.  Mere months earlier, if a new dog had ran into her or gotten in her face too quickly, she would almost certainly have responded with a snip or growl in their direction.  It is important to note, this is a fear based behavior, not an aggressive one as many people are quick to assume.  Not today though!  Maggie was so good, even when a fight broke out, she stuck near my side and continued to happily play with the dogs around us.


Maggie’s boyfriend, Jango.

 After we played at the dog park, we went to the meeting spot for this week’s pack walk.  One of the regular’s had been suggesting that we try a new park, Lafayette Heritage, so we finally decided to give it a whirl.  It was great!  We had our largest turnout yet; I believe there were 15 dogs dogs there total including quite a few adoptable dogs!  By the time we got home, Maggie was completely tuckered out, and acted a tad bit drunk.  It was a hoot.


Since both Rich and I had today off for the holiday, we decided to head back to Lafayette Heritage, this time with all three pups and my camera in tow.  Enjoy some pictures from our beautiful hike:








A lovely way to spend our day off.  If you are in Tallahassee and interested in joining Tallahassee WalkABulls, comment and I can give you more information!