(almost) Worldless Wednesay

I just bought Maggie a new dog bed and about three days later I came home to find this

photo-2I asked Maggie if she had fun with her bed and this is how she reacted:

photo-1After refusing to come into the room for about 10 minutes, she then decided that her best bet was to sit in the middle of the crime scene with the poutiest puppy face she could manage, and beg for mercy:

photo-1 copyFor the record, all I did was laugh.  How could anyone be mad at that face?

15 thoughts on “(almost) Worldless Wednesay

  1. Ha! Lucy does the same & can only now have a bed when she has a foster to keep her company. If she is left alone, she shreds it! Good thing they are cute! 😉

  2. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. Good thing your foster mom has an endless supply of the green stuff it takes to continue to purchase these nice things for you! What can you do but laugh?!

  3. Lol. Maggie did not want to go to the room at the beginning because she knew she did something wrong. She also thought you were going to scold her:) Smart Maggie. I am glad you opted to laugh rather than punish her. I do the same. Once every blue moon, Alex does something she is not supposed to and she looks so guilty that I just have to laugh:)


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