Maggie The Traveler

Saturday was my future mother-in-laws birthday so we decided to surprise her and drive to Jacksonville which is about 3 hours away.  We were trying to decide what to do with all of the dogs and finally concluded that leaving Buddy and Tag (my mom would come check on them) and bringing Maggie for the quick overnight trip would be the easiest.

We loaded her up in the car and got on the road Saturday afternoon.  Maggie loves car rides but seemed to get a little confused when we just kept going.

magsIt didn’t take too long before she settled in and used the time to work on her ever-important beauty rest.  Once we got to town we had to quickly throw Maggie in her crate and rush to meet Rich’s family at dinner.  Of course, I felt guilty leaving her so quickly in a new place, and was expecting a traumatized dog when we returned, but of course I was wrong.

When we got home we let Maggie out and she got to meet everyone.  She was a little shy at first but before long was snuggled on the couch with Rich’s little sister.  To say that this dog has improved would be the understatement of the century.  True, she doesn’t go rushing up to strangers, but a few months ago I wouldn’t have ever imagined taking her on a roadtrip to stay with humans she had never met.  She took the whole thing in stride.

Rich’s family of course was in love with Maggie and kept talking about how well behaved she was.  In fact, if they didn’t have a cat, I think they might have adopted her on the spot!

We got back to town Sunday morning and I swear Maggie bragged to Tag and Buddy about her adventure.  Typical little sister!  Do you have any holiday traveling planned with your pet?  How do they handle traveling?

5 thoughts on “Maggie The Traveler

  1. No traveling plans with Alex, but when we do travel, she is really good about it. I stop every couple of hours while my girlfriend complains about it, saying, “She is asleep. You are stopping just to wake her up and make her walk and do #1 and #2, but she is asleep”. She is right and I think that Alex would probably could go without stopping about 4 to 6 hrs easy, but I don’t want to do that unless I have to:)

  2. Good for Maggie!! She’s amazing. So is her foster mom!

    Cheyenne has become our regular traveling companion. We took her to Kentucky with us in October and she absolutely LOVES watching the cars zoom by. She barely lays down to rest. She wants to be in the window watching the world go by.

    Rosie gets car sick. UGH! We took her and Cheyenne to St. Augustine for Thanksgiving – a pet friendly cottage we found several years ago. Her ride over there in the backseat was rough but we stopped often, got her some meds and made sure all subsequent riding she did was up front, in mom’s lap. It wasn’t her favorite thing but she tolerated the 3 hour drive home without getting sick. As for being at the cottage, both dogs were awesome. They settled in and were wonderful little guests.

  3. Before I met my husband I only had one dog, and he came EVERYWHERE with me. He didn’t mind spending time in the car while I did stuff, and since I only had one it was easier to convince friends to let him in the house. Now, however, my husband and I have 2 dogs, both large and hyper, and it’s more difficult to bring them in to other peoples houses. Plus when we have a foser we have 3! I make sure to take them on mini trips in the car to make up for it, and they always travel with us when we go camping.


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