Happy Anniversary!

It was one month ago today that we started the Friends Of Wakulla County Animal Control Facebook page.  Ok, so it might be silly to celebrate just one little month, but how about celebrating the fact that we have already helped save 26 dogs and 18 cats!  How awesome is that?!  We also have 9 dogs in foster care so really, we have saved more like 35 dogs!  Want to see some of their happy faces?







And those are just a few!  Plus, we’ve got applications on some great potential adopters for even more of our dogs.  I’m not sharing those pictures just yet though–I don’t want to jinx anything!  To see some more of the dogs that we have helped, click here.

I know that I’ve said it before, but thank you so much to the people that are fostering, networking, and especially those that are adopting!  You are helping us save these precious lives.  And if you haven’t already, check out the Facebook page that I helped to start by searching Friends of Wakulla County Animal Control.  Remember, sharing is caring 🙂

6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

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