Farewell Harley


I briefly mentioned in my post that Harley was going to a rescue further down south this Saturday but I didn’t really go into too many details.  That was partially due to the fact that I felt like I was already gabbering on a good bit and partially because I didn’t want jinx myself, but mostly because I was smarting from what felt like a failure.

You see, I really wanted it to work with Harley.  I wanted it to work because I wanted to foster another dog.  I wanted it to work because I wanted to prove the people who thought four were too many wrong.  And I really wanted it to work because Harley is just plain awesome and despite knowing better, I had already allowed myself to fall completely in love with her.

IMG_0240Like I said in my very first blog post, I am no expert, but I really thought I would be able to integrate Harley into my pack.  After all, if I could make it work with Maggie, I could make it work with any dog, right?  Well, despite everything else about her being absolutely perfect, Harley was determined to prove me wrong.  We realized pretty quickly that it just wasn’t going to happen.  The four of them were never going to get along.

IMG_0245When we found out at the beginning of last week that a rescue was interested in Harley it was, at first, very bittersweet.  I begrudgingly admitted that they would be able to give her a better life than we could.  As the week wore on, I realized more and more that she really would have a better life there.  The whole ordeal reminded me that I do not foster for myself, I foster for the sake of a dog in need, and if someone else can do a better job, then I should let them.  This is no easy thing for me to admit.  I tend to think that no one can do a better job than me.  On an intellectual level, I know this isn’t true, but on an emotional level, I can’t imagine anyone could ever love a dog as much as I do.

IMG_0248First thing Saturday morning Rich took Harley to the transport pick-up spot.  She now lives in Wellington, FL at a rescue called Big Dog Rescue Ranch.  Their facility is on almost 30 acres, they have on-site veterinarians, and hundreds of volunteers.  The dogs get more attention and play-time than they know what to do with.  Basically, Harley is now in puppy heaven.

IMG_0247Even though it was bittersweet at first, I am now very happy with the way things turned out.  I know I helped play a small part in saving Harley’s life.  I also realize that continuing to foster her would have actually been a selfish move on my part, and that where she is now, is a million times better than what I had to offer her. So, despite the house feeling extra quiet tonight, I am a happy girl as I post this.  Farewell Harley, we love you!

14 thoughts on “Farewell Harley

  1. ah, BDRR is near me — i’ve been looking at a few lovelies at this wonderful rescue!! they do a truly wonderful job; lots of success stories / adoptions. much luck to your beautiful harley. ♥

  2. You are in no way a failure! You saved Harley’s life by getting her out of the shelter. That is the most important thing you could have done for her. BDRR is totally awesome and they will find her the perfect home!

    • I have heard SO much good stuff about them, I really am excited that she is going there. She will probably have people beating down the door to adopt her too 🙂

  3. You and Rich are great, and the pictures of him are so sweet! Morgan, you do amazing things for so many animals – never think otherwise!

  4. Not every dog gets along with every other dog. Sometimes you can work around this, sometimes you can’t. This is not your fault; it just is. And yeah, it’s hard to accept, because we don’t want to accept it. You are in no way a failure. I’m actually grinning right now because I’m remembering that first day, while we were getting pictures of her at the shelter and I witnessed the magic between Harley and you. Because of that bond, YOU saved her and that is what is important. YOU ROCK. Don’t ever think otherwise.

    • Thanks Cheryl! I actually wondered if you would remember how I kept going on and on about how much I loved her that first day. I suppose the way I instantly fall in love is good for the dogs but bad for me because my heart is constantly getting broken!

  5. I agree with Marcela! What you do for these precious animals is a gift that not many people are born with. Cheers to you! By the way, the pictures of Harley and Rich are priceless!


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