As you might have guessed from the pictures in my last post or “Maggie’s” post where she talked about wanting us to get another puppy, we decided to take the leap and try our hand at fostering a fourth dog.

As you might have guessed, having that puppy stay the night was so easy it planted the seed that maybe we could in fact handle having a fourth.  I’ve been so down about not being able to help any more dogs since Miss Maggie just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere so we kind of figured, what the heck!  Let’s try!

Last weekend I was at the shelter and there was the most adorable “little” puppy I’ve ever seen.  She was so big (75 lbs at only 8-9 months) and clumsy and goofy that I just couldn’t say no.  I came home and told Rich all about her, expecting him to say no, but lo and behold, he was more excited about the idea than I was!

So last Monday I paid for Harley to go to the vet and get all of her vaccines so I could be certain I was bringing a healthy dog into my house.  We waited to get Harley until Wednesday because it was going to be a short day at work and then we would have the long weekend to work on slowly and properly introducing all the dogs.

Great plan, right?  Unfortunately the dogs didn’t agree.  Despite doing everything right, taking things extremely slow and cautiously, and setting ourselves up for success at every turn, Harley just doesn’t like my dogs–and they don’t seem to care much for her either.  I won’t bore you with the details of just how slowly we have been taking things, but we still aren’t able to  have them in the same room.  I’m pretty upset, and feeling like quite the failure, but I also know deep down that I have done everything right.  I think at the end of the day this might simply boil down to them just not liking each other.  Lord knows, I don’t like everyone I meet, so I can’t really be too upset.

Fear not, there is a silver lining.  First and foremost, Harley is safely out of the shelter and not at risk of being put down.  There is now an extra space there meaning another dog has a longer chance to be picked up by a rescue.  She is being spoiled rotten at my house and not spending her puppy days in a cold shelter.  And best of all, we already have an amazing rescue committed to take her on Saturday!

Now, in case I have confused anyone, yes I still do a lot with Last Hope Rescue (including foster Maggie), but no Harley never was a Last Hope dog so she is not leaving our rescue and going to another.  I did this on my own, not through a rescue which is why even after I had her, I (along with other volunteers) were still searching for a rescue to take her.

I’m not quite sure what the moral of the story is with all this post, so I will leave you with this thought: Everything happens for a reason.  That’s my mantra these days!

5 thoughts on “Harley

  1. You tried your hardest to make it work!!! She is a lovely dog, and I am sure she will go to an amazing home!!! Thank you for all that you do!!! Makes you feel better Jango and Maggie love each other!!!! And you have done such a PHENOMENAL job with maggie, that now she can go OFF LEASH in the dog park!! And I dont think anyone who met her 6 months ago could EVER see her doing that!!! Your an AMAZING woman!!!! Keep it up!!

    • Shucks, I’m blushing like crazy over here. I LOVE that Jango and Maggie love each other, it makes me sooo happy. And I think it’s YOU that’s the amazing woman, not me, but we can argue about that on Saturday at our pack walk (which I’m super excited about!)

  2. We have two pups and have a rotating foster baby–one week we had a 2 day overlap of foster pups and had four in the house–it’s a lot different! Keep up the good work 🙂

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