Maggie’s Musings III

Oh hey everybodies!  Foster mommy says she is too tired to think straight because she worked more this weekend than she does in a normal work week so I decided this was a most perfect time to talk to all my fans!  I knows you guys get tired of hearing her blab on and on and on about things that aren’t me, so I will do my bestest to make up for her slacking.  So, where do I start?

I knows!  First, foster mom is the most terrible foster mom of all time.  She didn’t even tell you, my most loyal fans, that I graduated from Obedience School!  That’s right friends, I am a graduate!  I did sooo good in class.  Foster mom says we are going to go to the next class they offer too and I am SO happy abouts that because I loves it there and I especially loves my teacher.

Also, now I has a new best friend.  Well, he isn’t really new, it’s foster dad, but I has decided that he is now my best friend.  I loves him.  I was so silly to be scared of boys.  I realized that and now I likes to meet new boys and cuddles with foster dad.  He wraps me up in blankets since I am always cold and he keeps me warm.

I knows what else!  On Friday we had a little puppy have a sleep over.  It was such a fun night.  I liked to play with her and also cuddles her because she was so cute and little.  Foster mommy kept telling me what a good girl I was for sharing my house with a new dog.  I said, “I likes it!  Let’s get more puppies for me to play with!”

In fact, foster mom and dad kept talking about how easy it was with a fourth dog.  Foster moms says it would be a good idea to has another young dog for me to plays with since Buddy and Tag are old and lazy.  And foster mom says she is not happy that they has not helped any other dogs lately so this is a most perfect way for me to get all the things I want and foster mommy can shut her big ole mouth about me getting ‘dopted.  I sure hopes they think about it, I would loves it.

I knows what else I has to tell everybodies.  On Sunday I went on a walk with some friends and then foster mom decided to take me in to the dog park to play!  She was nervous but she is just such a worry wart for no reason.  I just ran and played with all the dogs.  Foster mom said I had the biggest smile while I was running around.  She says we get to go back in a few days to play some more!

Well everybodies, I thinks that is the most important things you all needs to know.  Don’t miss my cute butt too much!

5 thoughts on “Maggie’s Musings III

  1. Maggie, I am so sorry your foster mom and dad make you wear a Gator shirt. Shame on them because I know you are really a Nole!

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