Slumber Party!

Yesterday I got a message from a friend asking if I happened to know anyone that could keep a puppy at their house, just for the night, tonight.  The puppy was coming from a very small shelter where she was taken off doggie-deathrow and headed all the way up to South Carolina where a wonderful lady and her daughter were adopting her.  Turns out, I knew someone: Me!

Just look at her, can you blame me?  I picked sweet little Piper up right after work and brought her home.  At first I kept her separate from my pups just because I wasn’t certain how nervous she was and I didn’t want to overwhelm her with three much larger dogs.

Yea, I was worried for nothing.  I did do the introductions nice and slow though.  First Tag, then Buddy, and finally Maggie.  After I was confident they all were fine with Piper, and Piper with them, I let them all loose together.  I was expecting playtime madness, but I was wrong again.

Piper was pooped and, well, my dogs are all lazy so basically everyone is just lounging around now.  Rich and I are watching tv and I am counting my blessings.  Not only do I have two of my own dogs that I rescued but I have the ability to foster a third and even take in a fourth should the occasion arise.  If that doesn’t make me the luckiest girl alive, I don’t really know what does.

Happy Friday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Slumber Party!

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