A Million Thanks

On Friday, November 3rd (just 11 days ago) I helped set up a Facebook page for the Animal Control of Wakulla County.  The goal was to help get their wonderful animals the exposure that they so desperately needed to stay alive.  While the officers of the shelter are truly amazing human beings, alone they just weren’t able to get the exposure necessary to save every life that ended up in their shelter, and that is why we decided to try and help.

Since the inception Facebook page, and my slightly pushy post about sharing, we have already saved a huge number of lives!  Now, I am the very first to admit, the Facebook page certainly does not get all of the credit for this.  I cannot say for certain how many of the lives were saved due to Facebook and how many through the networking of the officers and other volunteers, but without a doubt, I know that we have helped.  So, to all of my followers, the other volunteers (who dedicate so much more of their own time than I do) and most of all, our Facebook followers, on the behalf of Friends of Wakulla County Animal Control: THANK YOU!  A million times over, thank you!

Now, want to see some of the animals that have been rescued?

Birdie was taken in by C.H.A.T. where she is now safe but still awaiting adoption.

This fur ball now lives in a home with a little girl to play with him everyday!

Freckles was a adopted by a woman in Miami where he now lives with an almost identical brother!

These two got adopted together by a gentleman that will train them to hunt and then pamper them in the off season.

All 4 of these babies were taken in by C.H.A.T. where they too are safe but also still awaiting adoption.

Precious Lady was adopted by a family in S. Carolina where she has TWO human sisters to cuddle and play with every day!

Saved by Poodles and Pooches down in Orlando!

Sooner was adopted within one week!

Walker worked his way into a very nice gentleman’s heart!

In addition to those listed above, we have also found foster homes for some of our dogs and kittens too!  This is a huge deal because all of the animals that are now in foster care are: out of danger, being socialized and loved, and have created a space in the shelter for the dogs that are still there.  Check them out:

The ones in foster care are still awaiting their permanent homes!  Remember, if they are adopted then their foster parent can take in another one, open another space in the shelter, and save another life.  It’s that simple.

So, once again, thank you a million times to everyone that has liked our page, shared our pictures, and especially the foster parents for opening your homes.  You all are directly responsible for helping save these precious lives!

8 thoughts on “A Million Thanks

  1. It feels so good, doesn’t it? And there are so many others, like Hollie, Samson, Shadow, Lola, Willie, Bogey, Snout, and the list goes on!

    • I know! I didn’t mean to discount those, the list “pre” our Facebook page was (thankfully) too long! It’s awesome how all these people/groups are coming together and getting stuff done!

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