Monday Blues

For me, most weekends are spent hauling dogs around, volunteering at various places, and just “rescue” stuff in general.  This weekend was the polar opposite.  On Friday we packed our bags, said goodbye to the pups, and headed to Gainesville!

Rich did his undergrad there and we were going to meet up with some of his old fraternity brothers and the couple that adopted my little Dash.  We went to the bars, went to the game, ate a lot, and had a blast.

Dash’s mom, Nikki, on the left.


While it was a lot of fun to get to spend time with everyone, especially Zack and Nikki whom I wish we lived closer to, I realized: I really missed being productive.  I know, it’s probably good for me to take breaks every now and then, but I felt like I was letting down all the dogs that I could have been helping.  I just have this need to be actively helping.

That said, the Facebook page we started to help the Wakulla County Animal Control has taken off.  I need to check with the other volunteers but I think in just over a week we have already saved 4 or 5 dogs.  May not sound like much, but considering they used to have to put dogs down at almost that rate, it’s pretty awesome in my book.  Stay tuned for more on that.

So it’s Monday, I’m back in town, and ready to make up for my lost weekend!  Oh, and yes, I rode in the back seat with Maggie after we picked her up because I missed her so much.  Happy(ish) Monday everyone!

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