Sweet as Honey

I have a theory.  Dogs are placed Earth to teach us compassion; how to live and love; how to forgive and forget; and how to put the best paw forward, despite darker days.

Honey was rescued by a good samaritan after he witnessed her being kicked and beaten for “roaming the neighborhood.”  Honey has scars. Honey has a hernia from where she was kicked in the stomach.  Honey also happens to have one of the sweetest spirits of almost any dog I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Honey is a shining example of dogs’ ability to move past bad situations and live life to the fullest.  She is now living in a foster home, chasing the resident cats, kissing anyone that will let her, and just loving life.  Honey is just as happy as any other puppy out there.  You truly would never know she had experienced a harsh word or hand.

It’s time for Honey to find her forever home.  A family of her very own to love and cherish her.  If you are looking for a spunky, spirited, loving pup to add to your family, please contact me or lasthoperescuefl@gmail.com  Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Sweet as Honey

  1. I love this dog! Is she a Pit mix? There is a special place in heaven reserved for people who rescue dogs from cruel owners. May Honey find a great home soon. Thank you for helping this girl out.

  2. Just Facebook-ed and Tweeted your feature on Honey! Thank you for this wonderful post! We love you, Honey!
    By the way, can I ask what state are you based in? I’m in California.


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