Sharing is Caring.

Freckles is a big, sweet, goofball of love.

So, we’ve all been here:  there is a picture of an incredibly cute dog in need on Facebook, your mouse hoovers between the “like” and the “share” button, you are having an internal battle over which to click, or if you even want to click at all.  If you “like” it, maybe some of your friends will see but otherwise, you’re done.  If you “share” it, you worry you might be annoying your friends with all the pictures of dogs on your news feed.  You don’t want people to be annoyed with you!  You don’t want to be “that” person.  You do nothing.

Achilles is one of the most urgent dogs. He will be put down on Monday (tomorrow).

Guess what?  You just made the decision, not to help that dog.  I know, I know, I sound so mean and harsh, don’t I?  Well here’s the thing: when you “share” the picture, now all of your friends can see it too.  Sure, there are probably some people that are annoyed by it (do you really care what they think though?), but there also might be someone that sees the dog and falls in love.

Keagan is also urgent. He is incredibly sweet, somewhat shy, but very eager to please.

You’ve probably got hundreds of friends, you can’t tell me you know for a fact none of them are in the market for a dog.  Don’t quote me on this, but I would venture to guess at least 80% of our (Last Hope Rescue) adoptions happen through Facebook.  The remaining 20% come from all of the other adoption avenues–word of mouth, adoption events, Petfinder.


And here’s the other thing.  So maybe you really don’t have a single friend in the market for a new dog.  Can you be certain that one of them doesn’t happen to have a friend that is though?  Maybe your friend shares it with their friend who then might share it with another friend and before you know it, BAM!  That dog just got adopted.

Sally is another urgent one that will be put down by Wednesday.

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m being somewhat dramatic.  The thing is though, these lives truly do depend on it.  On Friday I mentioned that I was going to go take pictures of dogs at a small shelter outside of town and then help create a Facebook page for the shelter.  Well, we got it up and running and lo and behold, I do believe we have already found homes for a few of the dogs.  Now if that doesn’t back up what I’m saying, nothing does.  About a day and a half after the inception of the Facebook page and we have already saved some?  Pure awesomesauce.  And social media miracles.

So, next time you see a picture of a dog in need I encourage you not to look the other way and instead actively help that dog by sharing his picture.  You don’t have to do it for every single dog you see (that would be madness) but maybe one a day.  Or anyone that tugs particularly hard at your heartstrings.  All it takes is about 3 seconds of your time and who knows, you might just be the “share” that lead to that dog getting saved.  Pretty cool, huh?


All of the dogs pictured on this post are from the shelter I was at on Friday.  A perfect way to help would be to share this post.  To see more, check out the page we started by clicking here or searching on Facebook for Friends of Wakulla County Animal Control.

25 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring.

  1. It’s heartbreaking, that these stunning dogs are likely to lose their lives, simply because they have not yet been adopted. Being so far away, all the way in South Africa, there is nothing I can do to get a friend to adopt but, as most of my readers are international, I shall re-blog for you, in the hope that someone out there can help.

    • Thank you so so much!!! Unfortunately because this shelter is so small, they usually only have a couple of days at most to get adopted. It makes my head spin. I am in Tallahassee, FL and the shelter is in Crawfordville, FL – both are in the “panhandle” part of the state. Should anyone ask, we are more than happy to help with transport, no matter how far. Really, I can’t thank you enough for re-blogging!

  2. Morgan, as always you chose just the right words! I have been blocked and “unfriended” on FB by more than a few people who were tired of my posts of urgent dogs. Even my own husband blocked my posts and he is hardly ever on FB! That’s fine. I will continue to share to help save the life of a dog in need of a foster or forever home. What those other people do really doesn’t matter to me. And yes, sharing does work! Earlier this year someone shared a dog at a shelter in AL. I didn’t know this person, and was not familiar with the shelter, but as soon as I saw the pic I knew the dog was exactly what my neighbor had been looking for! Transport was arranged and she is living a wonderful life here in Tally! Please don’t hesitate to hit the share button, it DOES make a difference and may save a life.

    • It really does, that’s why I wrote this, hopefully a light bulb will go off for some of the people that never understood why sharing matters so much. I’m sure tons of people have blocked me but I sure don’t care. We started that FB page less than two days ago and already saved two. That right there makes it all worth it!

    • I truly can’t thank you enough. Heck, even if someone in S. Africa sees this and it changes their mind and leads to a dog being saved, I’ll be happy as can be. You are so generous, thank you!!!

      • Urgent request. I have a reader who as asked, if it is not possible to adopt, if a monetary donation would assist in saving these dogs. Please let me know so that I can pass on the information as quickly as possible.
        PS – another reader just reblogged as well and is tweeting it. The blogging world is surrounding you with positive thoughts and positive actions.

      • Long Life – I can’t get over all the support, it is truly amazing. Thank a million times over. Yes, monetary donations are always in dire need as well, I just tend to try and refrain from asking for them here. Please tell them they can all Bonnie at the shelter at 850-528-7535. And again, I really don’t know how to express how much I appreciate your help and support. (If you can’t tell, I’m a pretty new blogger so I have almost no connections lol)

  3. I hopped over from Long LIfe with Cats and Dogs, so I tweeted this and FB it. I live in CALIF and volunteer at no kill private shelter. hope we can generate some help. Has anyone tried to hook some of these dogs up with the efforts to get them somewhere else through Pilots N Paws network? Just a thought, Savannah

    • Thank you so much for sharing this, there is no doubt that every little bit will help. And for the suggestion of Pilots N Paws, we will definitely have to look into that! Thank you!!

      • just do a google search, you will find their network site. They do not book transport themselves, rather relay on people on the ground who arrange for animal rescue transport. The only blogger I know who does anything with dog transport who may have a connection down your way is Khyra’s Khorner, they are in PA I think

      • by the way, there is a book Dog is My Co Pilot, it has several short stories about dogs that Pilots N Paws has transported. Most important, in the book, there are mentions of peoples’ names and organizations and locations who MAKE THE TRANSPORTS happen…they are on the ground, and you might find contacts in that book that can help. Several were in the south East and East.

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