The Weekend’s Here

…and boy is there a lot going on!  Today I’m sneaking out of work a few hours early and heading to a small shelter outside of Tallahassee with a fellow volunteer.  Our mission?  Get pictures of all their dogs, set up a Facebook account for the shelter, and promote the living daylights out of it.  Why in the world are we doing that you ask?  Well, it’s a very small shelter and currently the rescue I volunteer for has been promoting their dogs for them but it’s getting to be quite confusing.

The shelter is a “kill” shelter which means that once they hit capacity, they have to start putting down dogs.  Pretty sad, huh?  No one wants that, especially the people that work and volunteer at the shelter, which is why we are doing this.  So, wish us luck and don’t you worry, I’ll flood my blog with pictures of the adorable dogs.

The rest of the weekend consists of running errands (mostly rescue related), a group dog walk, and for adoptable Maggie a whole lot of this:

 Happy Friday everyone!

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