You’ve heard the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”?  What if it’s another man’s dinner?  For poor little Maddy, that was the case just a little over a month ago.  Though she was down on her luck, and literally eating trash and roadkill to survive, the stars aligned for Maddy when she happen to dart across the highway right in front of a good samaritan.  A good samaritan that just so happens to have been rescuing, sponsoring, networking for, and fostering dogs for years.  She’s what you might call a hero.

Maddy was taken to the vet where she got all checked out and received a clean bill of health.  Maddy has now been spayed, is current on all of her vaccines, and is on a much healthier diet than trash can surprise.  All in all, Maddy is as healthy as she can be!

But how is she you ask?  Maddy is as sweet and loving as can be!  Her good samaritan is fostering her where she lives with her three permanent dogs, and Maddy loves them all.  And kids.  And cats.  And the mailman.  And, well, Maddy loves everyone!

Maddy likes to curl up in a little bitty ball and snuggle.  She also loves to sunbathe.  And of course, she loves to be right next to you, giving you all the kisses you can handle.  I have met Maddy a couple of times, and I can honestly say she is just as sweet and gentle as they come.


I know I’ve said it before, but dogs’ ability to forgive and forget never ceases to amaze me. Maddy was once someone’s dog.  We know this because she had on a hunting collar and has obviously had at least one litter of puppies, if not more.  At only about two years old, without even taking into consideration the condition she was found in, she has had a rough life.  Yet she is just as loving and trusting as they come.


Aren’t her eyes beautiful?  And that coat!  You really do have to see it in person to fully appreciate it.  And she is so petite too, she only weighs about 30 lbs.  Maddy is just a beautiful dog, inside and out.

If you are interested in adding this gorgeous, sweet, loving, Catahoula to your family, please get in touch with me. or Last Hope Rescue at  Thanks!


All Sales Final – or are they?

Christmas is rapidly approaching yet I can’t seem to get myself into the holiday spirit.  Instead of feeling warm and fuzzy, I have a feeling of dread, a sense that bad things are to come.  Wow, I sound like a Grinch, don’t I?  Well instead of thinking about the gifts, family meals, and general merriment of this time of year, my thoughts are on the future.  The future of the cute, cuddly, totally adorable, gotta-have-it puppy that will inevitably be given as a gift–and then dumped at the shelter days, weeks, or months later.

Owning a dog, or any animal for that matter, is an extremely big commitment.  You are committing your time, energy, love–and yes–money to the animal.  Some dogs, like my Buddy, don’t cost a cent more than food and the annual physical.  Then there are dogs like my Tag that always seem to have something wrong with them.  I rarely make it out of the vet’s office with a bill under $200 for her–and this happens more often than I care to think about.

I’m not suggesting someone must be a millionaire to own and care for an animal, merely that they should be cognizant of the fact that animals not only cost money to feed and provide basic care for (flea and heartworm preventative) but that medical issues, or accidents, can and inevitably will, happen.  Owning a dog means you are prepared for this.

It also means that you are prepared for accidents in the house, chewed up shoes, barking and whining, and other general “nuisances” that can come with owning an animal, especially a young one.  Of course dogs can be trained–and they should be!  But owning a pet means you are committed to sticking it out and working them through any issues that they may have, not just giving up at the first sign of imperfection.  This a hefty commitment to make on someone else’s behalf.

Sorry, but this is just funny.

Once upon a time my parent’s gave my brother a puppy for Chistmas.  Fourteen years later, she is still spoiled rotten.  I do not mean to suggest that I don’t think it’s possible for a puppy to be successfully given as a gift, I just hope that everyone considers just how big of a commitment it is.

So until January rolls around, and I walk into the shelter and do NOT see a bunch of adorable puppies that have been dropped off, I will walk around with a pit in my stomach. I know this was a bit of a “Debbie-Downer” post but I just hope everyone thinks about these things before giving that adorable puppy as a gift–afterall, it’s the puppy that loses if it doesn’t work out.

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

With the cold weather upon us the dogs are in super-snuggle-mode.  Maggie, despite getting fed the same amount as Buddy (who is literally twice her size), does not have an ounce of fat on her and is always acting like she teetering right on the verge of life and freezing to death.  It’s all very dramatic.

As always, I apologize for the ugly iPhone pictures.  I’m guessing you can see past that to the incredible cutest though.


As you might have guessed from the pictures in my last post or “Maggie’s” post where she talked about wanting us to get another puppy, we decided to take the leap and try our hand at fostering a fourth dog.

As you might have guessed, having that puppy stay the night was so easy it planted the seed that maybe we could in fact handle having a fourth.  I’ve been so down about not being able to help any more dogs since Miss Maggie just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere so we kind of figured, what the heck!  Let’s try!

Last weekend I was at the shelter and there was the most adorable “little” puppy I’ve ever seen.  She was so big (75 lbs at only 8-9 months) and clumsy and goofy that I just couldn’t say no.  I came home and told Rich all about her, expecting him to say no, but lo and behold, he was more excited about the idea than I was!

So last Monday I paid for Harley to go to the vet and get all of her vaccines so I could be certain I was bringing a healthy dog into my house.  We waited to get Harley until Wednesday because it was going to be a short day at work and then we would have the long weekend to work on slowly and properly introducing all the dogs.

Great plan, right?  Unfortunately the dogs didn’t agree.  Despite doing everything right, taking things extremely slow and cautiously, and setting ourselves up for success at every turn, Harley just doesn’t like my dogs–and they don’t seem to care much for her either.  I won’t bore you with the details of just how slowly we have been taking things, but we still aren’t able to  have them in the same room.  I’m pretty upset, and feeling like quite the failure, but I also know deep down that I have done everything right.  I think at the end of the day this might simply boil down to them just not liking each other.  Lord knows, I don’t like everyone I meet, so I can’t really be too upset.

Fear not, there is a silver lining.  First and foremost, Harley is safely out of the shelter and not at risk of being put down.  There is now an extra space there meaning another dog has a longer chance to be picked up by a rescue.  She is being spoiled rotten at my house and not spending her puppy days in a cold shelter.  And best of all, we already have an amazing rescue committed to take her on Saturday!

Now, in case I have confused anyone, yes I still do a lot with Last Hope Rescue (including foster Maggie), but no Harley never was a Last Hope dog so she is not leaving our rescue and going to another.  I did this on my own, not through a rescue which is why even after I had her, I (along with other volunteers) were still searching for a rescue to take her.

I’m not quite sure what the moral of the story is with all this post, so I will leave you with this thought: Everything happens for a reason.  That’s my mantra these days!

Maggie’s Musings III

Oh hey everybodies!  Foster mommy says she is too tired to think straight because she worked more this weekend than she does in a normal work week so I decided this was a most perfect time to talk to all my fans!  I knows you guys get tired of hearing her blab on and on and on about things that aren’t me, so I will do my bestest to make up for her slacking.  So, where do I start?

I knows!  First, foster mom is the most terrible foster mom of all time.  She didn’t even tell you, my most loyal fans, that I graduated from Obedience School!  That’s right friends, I am a graduate!  I did sooo good in class.  Foster mom says we are going to go to the next class they offer too and I am SO happy abouts that because I loves it there and I especially loves my teacher.

Also, now I has a new best friend.  Well, he isn’t really new, it’s foster dad, but I has decided that he is now my best friend.  I loves him.  I was so silly to be scared of boys.  I realized that and now I likes to meet new boys and cuddles with foster dad.  He wraps me up in blankets since I am always cold and he keeps me warm.

I knows what else!  On Friday we had a little puppy have a sleep over.  It was such a fun night.  I liked to play with her and also cuddles her because she was so cute and little.  Foster mommy kept telling me what a good girl I was for sharing my house with a new dog.  I said, “I likes it!  Let’s get more puppies for me to play with!”

In fact, foster mom and dad kept talking about how easy it was with a fourth dog.  Foster moms says it would be a good idea to has another young dog for me to plays with since Buddy and Tag are old and lazy.  And foster mom says she is not happy that they has not helped any other dogs lately so this is a most perfect way for me to get all the things I want and foster mommy can shut her big ole mouth about me getting ‘dopted.  I sure hopes they think about it, I would loves it.

I knows what else I has to tell everybodies.  On Sunday I went on a walk with some friends and then foster mom decided to take me in to the dog park to play!  She was nervous but she is just such a worry wart for no reason.  I just ran and played with all the dogs.  Foster mom said I had the biggest smile while I was running around.  She says we get to go back in a few days to play some more!

Well everybodies, I thinks that is the most important things you all needs to know.  Don’t miss my cute butt too much!

Slumber Party!

Yesterday I got a message from a friend asking if I happened to know anyone that could keep a puppy at their house, just for the night, tonight.  The puppy was coming from a very small shelter where she was taken off doggie-deathrow and headed all the way up to South Carolina where a wonderful lady and her daughter were adopting her.  Turns out, I knew someone: Me!

Just look at her, can you blame me?  I picked sweet little Piper up right after work and brought her home.  At first I kept her separate from my pups just because I wasn’t certain how nervous she was and I didn’t want to overwhelm her with three much larger dogs.

Yea, I was worried for nothing.  I did do the introductions nice and slow though.  First Tag, then Buddy, and finally Maggie.  After I was confident they all were fine with Piper, and Piper with them, I let them all loose together.  I was expecting playtime madness, but I was wrong again.

Piper was pooped and, well, my dogs are all lazy so basically everyone is just lounging around now.  Rich and I are watching tv and I am counting my blessings.  Not only do I have two of my own dogs that I rescued but I have the ability to foster a third and even take in a fourth should the occasion arise.  If that doesn’t make me the luckiest girl alive, I don’t really know what does.

Happy Friday everyone!

Hollie is ready for a Home!

Drum roll please….Introducing the New and Improved Hollie!

In case you don’t remember the “before” pictures, here is Hollie at the shelter:

Fast forward less than a month and look at her today!

Can’t you just see a difference in her eyes?  She is happier and so much livelier than she was just a month ago.  I know I’ve said it before, but isn’t it amazing how much of a difference some good food, a warm bed, and love can make?  Hollie is a perfect example of why I always have, and always will, root for the underdog.

Hollie is so spunky and silly and best of all, she is now ready for her forever home!  Hollie loves the other dog in the house but would be happy as an only dog too.  She is current on all vaccines, spayed, HW negative, and there is no adoption fee!  I would kindly ask a donation be made to the vet that treated Hollie, but even that is not required.

So, if you or anyone you know is interested in adding Hollie to your family, please get in touch with me at  Thanks!

A Million Thanks

On Friday, November 3rd (just 11 days ago) I helped set up a Facebook page for the Animal Control of Wakulla County.  The goal was to help get their wonderful animals the exposure that they so desperately needed to stay alive.  While the officers of the shelter are truly amazing human beings, alone they just weren’t able to get the exposure necessary to save every life that ended up in their shelter, and that is why we decided to try and help.

Since the inception Facebook page, and my slightly pushy post about sharing, we have already saved a huge number of lives!  Now, I am the very first to admit, the Facebook page certainly does not get all of the credit for this.  I cannot say for certain how many of the lives were saved due to Facebook and how many through the networking of the officers and other volunteers, but without a doubt, I know that we have helped.  So, to all of my followers, the other volunteers (who dedicate so much more of their own time than I do) and most of all, our Facebook followers, on the behalf of Friends of Wakulla County Animal Control: THANK YOU!  A million times over, thank you!

Now, want to see some of the animals that have been rescued?

Birdie was taken in by C.H.A.T. where she is now safe but still awaiting adoption.

This fur ball now lives in a home with a little girl to play with him everyday!

Freckles was a adopted by a woman in Miami where he now lives with an almost identical brother!

These two got adopted together by a gentleman that will train them to hunt and then pamper them in the off season.

All 4 of these babies were taken in by C.H.A.T. where they too are safe but also still awaiting adoption.

Precious Lady was adopted by a family in S. Carolina where she has TWO human sisters to cuddle and play with every day!

Saved by Poodles and Pooches down in Orlando!

Sooner was adopted within one week!

Walker worked his way into a very nice gentleman’s heart!

In addition to those listed above, we have also found foster homes for some of our dogs and kittens too!  This is a huge deal because all of the animals that are now in foster care are: out of danger, being socialized and loved, and have created a space in the shelter for the dogs that are still there.  Check them out:

The ones in foster care are still awaiting their permanent homes!  Remember, if they are adopted then their foster parent can take in another one, open another space in the shelter, and save another life.  It’s that simple.

So, once again, thank you a million times to everyone that has liked our page, shared our pictures, and especially the foster parents for opening your homes.  You all are directly responsible for helping save these precious lives!

Monday Blues

For me, most weekends are spent hauling dogs around, volunteering at various places, and just “rescue” stuff in general.  This weekend was the polar opposite.  On Friday we packed our bags, said goodbye to the pups, and headed to Gainesville!

Rich did his undergrad there and we were going to meet up with some of his old fraternity brothers and the couple that adopted my little Dash.  We went to the bars, went to the game, ate a lot, and had a blast.

Dash’s mom, Nikki, on the left.


While it was a lot of fun to get to spend time with everyone, especially Zack and Nikki whom I wish we lived closer to, I realized: I really missed being productive.  I know, it’s probably good for me to take breaks every now and then, but I felt like I was letting down all the dogs that I could have been helping.  I just have this need to be actively helping.

That said, the Facebook page we started to help the Wakulla County Animal Control has taken off.  I need to check with the other volunteers but I think in just over a week we have already saved 4 or 5 dogs.  May not sound like much, but considering they used to have to put dogs down at almost that rate, it’s pretty awesome in my book.  Stay tuned for more on that.

So it’s Monday, I’m back in town, and ready to make up for my lost weekend!  Oh, and yes, I rode in the back seat with Maggie after we picked her up because I missed her so much.  Happy(ish) Monday everyone!