(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Some photos from the adoption events this weekend:

Lucy (above and below) is one of those once-in-a-lifetime dogs.  She loves kids (she really is the epitome of the phrase “Nanny Dog”), is great with other dogs, a total snuggle bug, and is comically mellow.  Lucy is just absolutely perfect but for some reason still looking for her forever home.

A potential adopter for Lucy?

Charlie, the cutest little cattle dog I have ever met, was also there.  A very nice couple spent a lot of time playing with him so fingers and paws crossed that he gets adopted!

Prince and his big sister Queenie were at both events too.  They might just be the cutest and sweetest little hound pups I have ever met.  A friend is fostering them and (probably thanks to her amazing training skills) they are already learning all sorts of tricks!  Don’t you just want to take them home and snuggle them?

Some friends also came out with their personal dogs too.  Katelyn brought her impressively well-mannered pit bull mix Jango to both events.  She is an amazing advocate and with a dog as great as Jango, she is changing a lot of minds.  Check her out here if you want to follow her advocacy work.

Pooped from all of the excitement

And finally, Shalini with her incredibly cute Kahlua.  Kahlua is a little shy, especially in big crowds, but he did wonderful amidst all the excitement!  Look how handsome:

Happy Halloween everyone!

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