Hollie: Update

Before we get to Hollie, I have to address something.  I am a terrible, awful, horrible pit bull advocate.  I completely forgot to say anything about National Pit Bull Awareness Day on my blog that is suppose to be positively promoting pit bulls!  Bad Morgan.

Maggie spent the day just hanging out (and by hanging out, I mean sleeping) but I did talk to a lot of people at the adoption events about how amazing pit bulls are.  In fact, tomorrow I will post some pictures of the cute little pittie we had at the events.  I hope everyone did a little something special on Saturday for the “holiday”.

Ok, back to Hollie.  Last week my mom attempted to take Hollie in for a check-up but she did not handle it well and they had to leave without actually accomplishing anything other than getting some new medicated shampoo for her skin and a sedative for her next visit.  Before anyone thinks we are bad people for giving a dog a sedative, while normally I wouldn’t condone this, it really was in the best interest of Hollie.

When the people from the shelter saw Hollie they all started crying!  She looks that much better.  At the vet, they basically did a check-up, got her current on all of her shots, and clipped her toenails (which were like daggers).  Aside from continuing to give her baths with medicated shampoo, she is good to go!  Some people have asked if what she has is Demodex mange but that is not the case.  It is in fact a yeast infection.

Isn’t it amazing how much her fur has grown in in just a couple of weeks?  And she is gaining weight quite nicely as well.  A friend and fellow dog rescuer/volunteer for Last Hope contacted me and offered me something called “satin balls” which help with weight gain.  She had a very underweight dog a while back and made a huge batch of them but didn’t end up using everything she made.  I am going to pick them up today and see if Hollie will eat them.  If not, I have another friend with a very emaciated little pup that I will pass them along to.  (Isn’t it awesome how people will come together to help each other out?  While there are some loonies out there, I generally find it pretty amazing how much “rescue” people will help each other, but I digress.)

As always, I have to apologize for my terrible phone pictures.  My mom brought Hollie by my office after her appointment today and all I had was my phone, so it was that or nothing.  On a positive note though, Hollie wouldn’t sit still even long enough for me to snap a decent picture, which I take as just another sign that she is in fact feeling great!  I can’t wait to see her continued progess.

11 thoughts on “Hollie: Update

  1. Hollie looks great! You guys are doing a wonderful job. I so look forward to seeing her progress; it’s really amazing how giving a dog a home and a steady, loving routine can make such a big difference!

  2. Morgan, it’s been one week and 2 days since we rescued Hollie!!! All of that new fur in just one week! And, she has gained 3 pounds in exactly one week….she is doing wonderfully! Soon she will be ready for her forever home….. 🙂

  3. She looks wonderful Kim and Morgan. Thank you SO much for all yiou are doing for Hollie and for the update and pictures. Just love to see her and keep up with her progress

  4. So fantastic to see her improving like this. Really looking forward to the updates. What fabulous work you are doing and you are right, the rescue world truly does allow you to see the absolute best side of human nature (along with the worst but we’ll concentrate on the best)!

  5. Nice pictures. Yes, if she is moving that much, then she is feeling better. I am so glad and a big thank you to your mom and you for doing this. You guys are the greatest:)

      • You are amazing and so is your mom. I am going to try and see how I can join a rescue group and help. I used to volunteered years ago and I enjoyed it. Thaks for bein angels to so many dogs:)

  6. Oh wow Marcela! That is the greatest news I’ve gotten in a long time! See, I knew if I kept at this blog I would get some people excited about volunteering and fostering. Best of luck with volunteering – I’d love to hear how it goes!

  7. You Ladies are WONDERFUL!! It was nice to meet you Kim. You and Morgan keep up the good work. If you need help with her in the future please don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll be there for my Miss Hollie. THANKS


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