Leo needs a home for the Holidays

Happy Monday everyone!  Boy, what a busy weekend it was.  All I can say is dogs, dogs, dogs.  Saturday and Sunday I was gone basically all day at adoption events, which unfortunately I wasn’t able to bring Maggie to, so she did a whole lot of this while I was gone (pardon the awful red eye):

Yes, Maggie actually sleeps like that, it’s not a quickly snapped shot before she moved into a new position.  She is such a goof.  Tonight we will be going to a Halloween party at her obedience school where I am hoping she catches the eye of a potential adopter!  Everyone cross your fingers and paws for us!

So, backing it up a little, on Friday I went out to take pictures and meet a dog that Last Hope Rescue is trying to help.  We were contacted by a very nice lady named Lynn after she saw this little dog lying in a puddle on the side of the road and stopped to help.  Nearby there were people in the process of moving but they denied the dog being theirs.  The poor guy was in rough shape so she brought him to her house.

As you can see, he is about as cute as it gets.  When I got there he came right over to say “hi” and see what I was all about.  We sat and chatted for awhile then I got Lynn to help me test him out with one of her dogs.  Up until this point she had been keeping them separate since she already has four and two of them tend to be very territorial.  So I put Leo on a leash (which he walks like quite the gentleman on) and she brought out one of her dogs on a leash too.  We spent some time walking around near each other without letting the dogs get too close at first.  As we got closer and closer the boys kind of checked each other out but neither seemed to care at all about the other.  Eventually they both flopped down and laid in the sun right next to each other while Lynn and I chatted some more.

After I left, Lynn and her husband decided to let their dogs out one at a time to meet Leo.  They all got along wonderfully and played chase with each other.  Leo was even happy to share his bones with his new friends.  Lynn said that it was obvious he was very happy to get to be part of the pack.

Leo is such a sweet boy and would make a wonderful addition to any family.  He is very neat and clean, as I am learning Chows tend to be, gets along wonderfully with other dogs, and is just a big old sweetheart.  If you or anyone you know might be interested in either fostering or adopting Leo please get in touch with either me or Last Hope Rescue at lasthoperescuefl@gmail.com.  Let’s find Leo a home of his very own for the holidays! 

10 thoughts on “Leo needs a home for the Holidays

    • I’m not really sure what is going on. There was someone that was considering it but I think we had to give her a different dog because of an emergency which is why we are still looking. You would LOVE Leo. He is so mellow and sweet. I kept thinking of you!

      • Oh he sounds wonderful. If someone could temp foster until the new year that would be perfect, but I imagine that is when everyone else is busy, too. *sniffle* Keep me updated though, seems like just my type. ❤

  1. Gosh, I really didn’t need to see the picture of this chow as I will be going on vacation in November and wanted to put off fostering/adopting until I return. I am very partial to chows, having had one. Have any idea of his age and weight? I see his tail doesn’t loop over onto his back, so he may be a mix. Chows are great dogs!!! I would love to foster him if my dog gets along with him, but going away in November presents a problem.

  2. Hi Judy! I remember that you are partial to Chows, you gave me all the great info when we got Hollie. We are guessing he is around 4 or 5 and probably only weighs about 40lbs. Lynn gave him a bath and under all that fur is a skinny little dog. She is working to fatten him up though! He has not been neutered yet but Lynn has a voucher and I believe is planning to have that done in the near future. If you really are seriously considering fostering, would you mind shooting me an email at m.parr.lhr@gmail.com? Thanks!

    • I completely understand! Buddy does not get along with intact males either. Leo is getting neutered soon though. Maybe if no one else has stepped up by the time you get back in town you would consider testing it out since he should have been neutered by then? Just a thought.


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