Meet Hollie

I’m guessing anyone that read my last post is wondering how, in Maggie’s words, the “sickie” dog that I went to get on Sunday is doing.  Well let me just tell you, someone forgot to mention to Hollie that she looks sick, because she sure doesn’t act like it!  This girl has got SPUNK!

Ok, so she might look a little yucky, and a little like a hyena as some of you have mentioned, but she is a doll!  When we got to the shelter, it was clear that the staff loved her.  Like, really loved her.  They quickly filled us in on her back story, the fact that since she was in such bad shape she would be the first to be put down if they got too full, and all of her quirks.  The love they had for her was clear, and I can totally understand why.

Hollie LOVES car rides.

Despite how bad Hollie looks, she is suprisingly healthy.  She basically has a yeast infection on her skin which is why she has almost no fur.  While yeast infections aren’t too serious, and very easy treat (Tag gets them in her ear all the time), if left unchecked they can have results like Hollie’s.  Obviously she is an extreme case, but it happens.  She also seems to have an ear infection, which we will get looked at tomorrow at the vet, but other than that (and needing to beef up a little) she is healthy!  The biggest shocker?  She is heartworm negative!  So what does that all mean?  That with time, love, a steady supply of food and antibiotics, we should have a beautiful dog on our hands in no time at all!


So what’s Hollie’s personality like?  Well, like I said, she’s got spunk!  And attitude.  Not it a bad way, more like a I-don’t-want-to-come-to-you-you-can-chase-me-around-instead kind of way.  Seriously, someone forgot to tell Hollie that she isn’t 110% healthy.  She is so sweet too.  She’s a little quirky about how you can touch her, her skin is very sensitive, but she loves to be right next to you.  And kisses!  She loves to give kisses.

And the kisses bring me to my next point.  On kiss number 473 I noticed that Hollie’s tongue is almost completely black.  No, she does not have some crazy disease, this is a sign that she does in fact have Chow in her!  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Chow’s are the only breed known to have black tongues which means that even if she isn’t 100% Chow, she must have some Chow in her.  But at the end of the day, who really cares what breed she is, she’s sweet and that’s what matters most.

So Hollie is all settled in at my mom’s.  She is doing great walking on the leash, she loves her crate which we put in the sun room so she can soak up the rays, and she is getting along with Tess (my mom’s lab.)  She’ll be going in tomorrow for a vet visit but we aren’t expecting them to say much more than “continue with the antibiotics”.  I’ll keep everyone updated on her progress but it shouldn’t be long at all before Hollie is ready to meet potential adopters!  Yay!


15 thoughts on “Meet Hollie

  1. I was so happy to hear of her new foster family. I visited Hollie frequently and shared as much love as I could with her. I will certainly look forward to updates. And thank you for giving her the the wonderful home and the abundance of love she so deserves.

    • I promise to keep the updates coming! And don’t thank us, it’s really Bonnie and Last Hope Rescue that deserves the thanks since they are how we found out about her.

  2. I love this girl so much even though I’ve never spent time with her. There is obviously something special about Hollie. I’m looking forward to following her progress. Thank you so much for fostering her!

    • You are so right, there really is something special about her. I’ll keep updating the blog but you really should come meet her in person sometime – she’s a hoot!

  3. Hollie’s foster, Morgan’s mother here……..Hollie has become my “Hollie Ma Lollie”! She is so sweet and full of life. She loves Tess, my resident 12 year old Lab and Tess just puts up with anyone and anything! Hollie’s skin is not so sensitive today, she just keeps coming up to me to pet her and she loves her tummy rubbed. She loves her new crate and pillow and goes into it at random times just to lay down. Tomorrow she gets a bath and I can’t wait to see how that goes, Bonnie at the Shelter says she loves her bath time! Thanks to all of you Hollie supporters out there and especially Bonnie and Morgan.

  4. This made me so happy to see she got a foster home… I was worried about her and reposted her story hoping someone would foster her! So glad to hear she feels good and has a place to be loved!

  5. If Hollie does have chow in her, her attitude fits a chow. Chows have to believe it was their idea to do something, not yours. 🙂 I rescued a chow, Spirit, and he taught me so much during his short life. I am glad to see this update – been thinking about her since first seeing the post. Hats off to you for giving Hollie a second chance — she sound like she certainly deserves it.

    • That sounds JUST like Hollie! You have to let her think it’s her idea. I have never even met a Chow before now so it’s great to hear from someone with some experience with them! Hmm, anything else I should know?

    • She got her first bath this morning with her medicated shampoo (first bath with me, that is, Bonnie at the Animal Shelter saw to it that she had them every 3 days) and I think I actually saw a couple of new hairs!!!

  6. I never met a chow either before Spirit and now love the breed. Chows are more cat like, more independent than other dogs, a not-in-your-face dog, reserved and regal, but very loving. He was cautious when meeting new people, but no signs of aggression whatsoever. I exposed him to all kinds of situations, but did not have opportunity of exposing him to children. He was afraid of them so I would never let kids come up to him. Housebreaking is a breeze with chows. Rescued Spirit when he was approx. 8 months old, never chewed on anything, never had an accident in the house, although he had been chained 24/7 to a vacant house when I discovered him. Walked super well on a leash and he became a great hiking partner, he got along with all dogs, small and large. When he was young, he wasn’t very good at listening to me (like at the dog park) when I called him, but with time he outgrew it and listened to me when it was time to leave the dog park. I’d say “come” only one time and he would wait a good 5-10 seconds before coming to me – yes, to him it was his idea! Of course, I am just speaking about Spirit and every dog is different. Will be interesting to see what kind of coat she has when her hair grows back.. Took him for training when I first got him and when he would not do something, the trainer would say, “what did you expect? He’s a chow.” It’s not because he was dumb, just that he was a chow. They do best with patience and not force. Spirit died of cancer at the young age of 7 and I still grieve, a very sudden and aggressive form of cancer

    • First, I am SO sorry to hear about the much too soon loss of Spirit. I’ve been through this too and I know the pain, I am so sorry. Second, thank you so much for all of this wonderful in site! Hollie definitely sounds a lot like your Spirit. I agree, it will certainly be interesting to see how her coat comes in. And it sounds like Chow’s are a breed I will love. I certainly appreciate a hard-headed and spirited dog. Thanks again!

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