Maggie’s Musings II

Hey Everypawdy!  Oh man, I has so much to talk about.  Foster mom has been stingy with her computer lately and hasn’t let me use it so I just knows you all are dying to hear from me since it’s been like a bajillions years.

“A little oatmeal on my nose doesn’t make me any less beautimus”

So first you needs to know that I am doing so good in my classes.  Foster mommy says we don’t practice enough at home but I thinks we do juuust the right amount.  I have even learned two most special tricks that foster mommy gets super excited about.  For one, I know now that when we walk, if foster mom stops that means I has to sit down right away.  When I sit without foster mommy telling me to she gets soooo excited.

The other trick that foster mom is so excited about is “down”.  It’s not fancy or nuffin’ but I did not wants to do it for a long time.  Foster mommy asked my teacher (she is so nice and pretty, she is one of my most favorite people after the fosters) for some help.  She explained that “down” is a very submissive (whatever the heck that is) position so she helped foster mom make it easier for me.  Really, it’s probably foster mom that needs the schooling, not me!

Foster mom says that we are going to go to a lot of events soon so she got me my own beautimus vest that says “Adopt Me”!  She made me some bandanas but they were hard to read so she thinks this will be better.  She also got a most fancy necklace for me to wear since it is Halloweenie time and it makes me look extra pretty.

The last thing I has to tell you since I am in a hurries is that foster mommy and her mom are going to save another sickie dog!  She says she wishes she could take the dog herself but because my lazy butt won’t goes and get adopted she can’t.  I told her that was rude, my butt is perfect.

This is the doggie that is sickies and needs their help.  Her name is Hollie.  I thinks she looks yucky but foster mommy said that is a very mean thing to say and that I didn’t use to be very pretty either–I doubt that though.  She says it’s not Hollie’s fault she looks yucky but it was a mean person that let her get sickies like this and it is their fault.  I knows about mean people so I will say my prayers for Hollie to get better fast.  Foster mommy says this means we has to love her extra, extra hard.  And I know she will, after all she sure loves Annie and boy, was she ugly at first too.

Some people says Hollie might be a Red Heeler.  I asked foster mom what that is and she says it is a really pretty type of cattle dog.  She says she doesn’t know much about the breed (does she even know anything?!) but that they are very smart dogs.  Another person said maybe she is a Chow.  I says they should all just wait and see when her furs come back!

Ok friends, I think those are the most important things to tells you.  Oh–I almost forgot!  Foster mom says we needs to be extra thankful to Last Hope Rescue because they are the ones that make it possible for her to help dogs like Hollie and me.  She says I should tell my friends to maybe donate some monies to them if you can?  It would be super nice of you and I knows they would be sooo thankful.  Ok, I think that really is all now.  Have a good weekend everybodies!

11 thoughts on “Maggie’s Musings II

  1. Maggie is adorable! You has done such an awesome job with her and it shows. The right person will come along, I just know it! I love the oatmeal on the nose pic too.

    • Thank you, that really means a lot. As much as I love her, I hope the right person comes along soon, there is just a never ending supply of dogs that I want to help (I know, I’m preaching to the choir). And I have to agree, the oatmeal picture is the best!

  2. Thanks a million for opening your home and heart as well for dogs that need help. You should know that you and your mom are angels, and that it is too bad that there is no Love button because that is the one I would have pressed:)

  3. Poor Hollie looks like a hyena in her last picture 😦 I hope she recovers soon! And the oatmeal picture–I squealed a little it’s so cute.

    • She looks JUST a hyena – I kept saying that after we picked her up! Aside from having basically no fur she actually is doing really well. She just needs time for the antibiotics to work and her fur to grow back and she will be a beauty!

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