Progress is the name of our game.

So, maybe once or twice, I’ve mentioned how I am trying to work with Maggie to help her overcome some of her “issues” including shyness and just a general lack of confidence when placed in new situations/surroundings.  Like I mentioned here Maggie started Obedience Training at Doggie Dayz last Monday and then we went to Food Truck Thursday where she did great.

What I haven’t told you about yet (because I am a lazy blogger busy person) is that on Friday, Maggie and I went to First Friday with a couple of girlfriends (and also super-awesome-dog-rescuing-foster-moms) which if you have never been is a big, fun event with lots of people, cars, bands, and other general excitement.  Maggie walked around like she owned the place!  It was seriously so cool.  She was happy, not scared of the loud noises, and let all sorts of strangers pet her!  Do I sound like a proud mom?  Because I sure was!In the picture above, we are practing “watch me”.  Maggie had her second Obedience class last night and did great.  She listens to my commands very well and does what I ask on the first try nearly every time.  With more practice, I have no doubt she will continue to improve–she’s a stellar student!  Rich is also going to start practing commands with her because, while it’s all well and good for her to listen to me, it would be wonderful for her to listen to everyone when they give a command.  We are so excited for class next week and it’s only Tuesday!

I’m curious, did you have “issues” to work through with your dog when you got him/her like I am doing with Maggie?  I love to hear about some other people’s experiences!

4 thoughts on “Progress is the name of our game.

  1. I have a shy little Chihuahua and I’ve worked with him for a couple of years getting him socialized. I try exposing him to as many experiences as possible and give him lots of positive reinforcements… love… and treats. He’s easily bribed with food so I have new people give him treats to warm him up to them. He’s doing great! I am a proud mom!


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