Food Truck Thursday

Last week Rich and I went to Food Truck Thursday and while we were there we saw a lot of people with dogs so I decided this would be a perfect place to work with Maggie.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am trying really hard to help Maggie overcome her shyness and we are making great progress.

At Food Truck Thursday there are about 8 different food trucks, live music, and lots of people milling about.  I knew that this would be a whole lot for Maggie to take in but she did wonderful!

Maggie met a few new friends and even let them pet her.  She didn’t mind walking around with all the people and loud noises either.  Her biggest problem was with the scary camera that we kept pointing at her (as you can tell by the pictures above and below) that she kept trying to escape.  When the camera was safely put away, she did great.

Maggie’s feelings about cameras are pretty clear, huh?  Silly girl.


One thought on “Food Truck Thursday

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