Little Bit

Introducing Little Bit!  Everyone, please say hello to this incredibly cute (and that’s coming from someone that really prefers big dogs) bundle of energy!

I was asked last week to go and take pictures of this little guy so that the rescue I volunteer for, Last Hope Rescue, could try and help find him a home.  Here’s the story:  There is this wonderful gentleman, Jose, and he helps Last Hope with fundraisers and whatnot.  He is an animal lover to the core and is known for his big heart.  Jose was contacted by Little Bit’s owner who was going to put him down because he “isn’t a real dog”.  (Honestly, what is wrong with people?!) Jose said “no way!” and took Little Bit from them to prevent that from happening.

As you can see in the pictures, Little Bit is just as cute as they come.  I was there for about an hour and he never once slowed down.  This little guy has so much energy and is just full of life.  He runs and plays with Jose’s two large dogs (both rescues of course) but his favorite past-time is chasing Jose’s cats.


In fact, Little Bit doesn’t even realize that he is paralyzed.  He thinks he is just a regular old dog, which really, he is.  When you take him out of his chair he zooms all around–so fast I couldn’t even snap a decent picture!  Just look at this smile:

Little Bit just needs someone that can give him a chance and understand that, just because he is disabled, doesn’t mean he is broken.  He is so sweet, loving, and fun that he will make a great companion, he just needs someone that has a little extra time to devote to him.  He gets around great but sometimes his little wheelchair gets stuck and he needs help getting loose.  Other than that, he is as normal and self-sufficient as any other dog out there.  And have I mentioned that he is sweet?  Because he sure is!

Please friends, share Little Bit’s story with anyone that you think might have room in their heart for him.  He needs our help finding the perfect home which he will undoubtedly bring years and years of joy to.  You can copy the link to this page and email it to friends, share of Facebook, Twitter, anything.  I just need as many people to see his story as possible–I know the perfect person is out there, it’s just a matter of finding them.  Thanks!

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